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Tulsa and its Suburbs

According to Forbes, Tulsa, Oklahoma is the best city in the nation for young entrepreneurs. Who would have thought that a city smack dab in the middle of both the Bible Belt and Tornado Alley would be so appealing and perfect for young people? And not only is Tulsa great for young people determined to be successful, its suburbs are even better.

Broken Arrow is located slightly southeast of Tulsa, and it is just the right spot for young people. It has numerous awards for its safety, affordability, being overall a great place to live. For animal lovers there is Safari’s Animal Sanctuary, which was established to rescue wildlife and is known as one of Broken Arrow’s best kept secrets. There are local shops and boutiques, along with Blue Bell Creameries and countless other places to go.

Bixby is located southwest of Broken Arrow, and slightly southeast of Tulsa. Bixby is more of a family town, considering 77% of households are family households. And with 40% of its population having Bachelor’s degrees or higher, it’s safe to say that it is a fairly educated area. In the past 14 years the population has grown almost 38%. The public school system is one of the best in the state. In 2009 CNN’s Money.com named Bixby as one of the best places to live in America, citing it as one of America’s best small towns. With an extensive hiking trail system, and parks located along the trails, there are endless possibilities as to what to do.

Owasso is located northeast of Tulsa. With a large portion of the population between the ages of eighteen and twenty four, it is a great place for young people to go and settle down. It is a great town for raising a family, for it has all of the amenities. It is a short drive away from Tulsa, it has a performing arts center, a history museum, and numerous parks. The median income is above that of the country, and there are on average 223 days with sunlight. It doesn’t get much better than that.

With all three of these cities located within a short drive from Tulsa, and all with unemployment rates lower than that of the nation, it’s clear to see why Tulsa is such a great city for young people. With the world at your fingertips, the opportunities are endless. Moving to Tulsa or one of the surrounding cities might be perfect for you!