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Tulsa Movers Tips: What to Pack and What to Toss

Take a deep breath because you’re about to downsize! From the start, it can seem like a daunting task. You have to go through all your belongings and decide what to pack and what to toss, sell or donate. Take it from professional Tulsa movers, like any large-scale packing process, it’s easier when you break into steps.

First and foremost, you have to purchase some packing supplies. There’s no point organizing your belongings into piles on the floor and packing them later. Kill two birds with one stone and pack while you sort. Head over to your local Tulsa moving company and pick up some moving boxes, packing tape, markers and construction tape.

Got all your packing supplies? Good, let’s get started.

What to Toss

It’s easy to use the term toss, but it should be noted that anything you can sell or donate should be. Only toss items you know aren’t going to sell or be useful to others.

Say No to Duplicates

Get rid of anything that you have more than one of. You’ll be surprised how many duplicate items you’ll find when you start packing your home; especially in the kitchen.

And you can take it a step further. Do you really need that many dinner plates or coffee mugs? Purge the duplicates and travel lite. Less boxes will also save you money when the Tulsa movers arrive.

No Broken Items

Unless it’s absolutely vital, leave the broken or severely damaged items on the curb. If it’s taken you this long to fix it, chances are it wasn’t as valuable as you think.

Way too Much Paper

There are a few documents you’ll need through the transition but you are definitely going to find lots of paper that you didn’t realize you have. These are easy items to recycle.

The 6 Month Rule

This is the most difficult part of packing your items before a move. Be honest with yourself, what are you going to keep and what are you hanging onto that you don’t need. Don’t waste time, money, and packing supplies on items that serve no purpose. If it hasn’t been used in 6 months; toss, sell or donate it.

And, if you forget you even had it, then it should definitely go on the toss pile!

What to Pack

Ask yourself, if you had to start over, what would you keep? Valuables, furniture, appliances and a few clothes. Have a plan for what you want to keep and let the Tulsa movers know what’s what before they arrive.


Furniture is expenses and even though the packing supplies and moving expenses for furniture are equally as high, it’s always better to keep what you have than to through it out. The only exception being if the furniture is in terrible shape.


If your new home comes furnishes with some appliances, then it’s decision time. Check to see if the appliances you already own are better than those that come with the new place and switch out anything you can. Make some extra money by selling those old appliances!

Through it all, from everyone at All My Sons Moving & Storage, we hope you have a happy and safe move!