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Tulsa Movers Tips: Things That Go Wrong in DIY Moves

Moving to Tulsa, whether you’re a professional or not, is no easy feat. What separates a professional from a newbie however, is experience, precision and quality moving and packing supplies. Most of the time, people believe that hiring professional Tulsa movers isn’t necessary at all until they begin the moving process and find out how wrong they were. It happens. Still, for anyone who is looking to make the smoothest move to their new home, these guidelines should help. 


The Costs a DIY Move


Most people are of the mindset that they will spend little to no money on a DIY move and save themselves from the “expensive” costs of hiring professional Tulsa movers. This can all be far from the truth. For starters, it’s important to understand what moving entails before an accurate deduction can be made about the costs of a Tulsa move.

Losing a day of work because you chose not to hire professionals is a moving related expense. If you hire a couple of friends to help, then that will be another expense to add to the moving budget. Then there are other miscellaneous expenses to factor in such as fuel costs, toll costs, food, packing supplies, damages to valuables, and potential injuries. These moving expenses can easily surpass the cost of contracting a team of professional movers, who would more than likely have your move completed in a fraction of the time that it would take an inexperienced DIY mover. 


Lack of Moving Preparation


Most DIY moves become stressful due to a lack of planning and preparation. In fact, some people tend to wait until the absolute last minute (within 48 hours before the move-in date) to begin packing. This is a tremendous mistake that results in added expenses, things being broken/misplaced and other occurrences. A successful move should be planned weeks or even months ahead of time, depending on the size of the move and distance to the new location.

To rush things, people often hurt themselves carrying heavy objects because they want to make the move in one trip to save time. Additionally, not putting together a moving checklist means that a DIY mover probably won’t have the best packing supplies on hand. Movers in Tulsa, such as the professionals at All My Sons, always come equipped with the tools needed for a move, which is partly why hiring a moving company is more convenient.

While a DIY move is a viable alternative to contracting professional movers, it’s important to assess the risk/rewards of taking on such a challenge. If you prefer to take the hands-on approach and handle the more difficult aspects of moving on your own, then so be it. However, the team of pros at All My Sons Moving & Storage in Tulsa are always ready and willing to assist you!