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Tulsa Movers Tips: Saving Money on Packing Supplies

A successful moving experience involves multiple moving parts and a ton of work. Part of the moving means purchasing quality packing supplies to secure the safe transport of your valuables. However, to cut costs from your moving budget, consider starting out by saving money on your packing supplies.


Cardboard Moving Boxes


Cardboard moving boxes are the first place to begin saving money on packing supplies. Most grocery or liquor stores will give them to you for free if you ask. Since they're just the perfect size for packing smaller items and heavier things, like books, you'll find that the boxes are easy to manage. Stores receive regular shipments of goods all the time and the last thing they want are empty, unused boxes occupying their space.

Additionally, Tulsa’s Craigslist is a good online resource to use for finding free boxes and other packing supplies that were left over from previous moves.


Plastic Containers


Plastic containers are a great alternative to using cardboard moving boxes. For starters, they can be reused for storage among other reasons, whereas cardboard boxes are disposable. They're also much easier to pack and move, and are much more durable. However, plastic containers can be pricey to purchase, so this is more of an option if you have them already in your home as most people do.

The added benefit to using plastic containers as an alternative packing supply is that they make for eco-friendly moving and allow environmentally conscious individuals to move to Tulsa without worrying about causing additional harm to the environment.


Garbage Bags


Garbage bags tend to rip easily, but they do work well for moving clothing and bedding. This is a “packing product” that won’t ever be used by professional Tulsa movers, however, it is something you already own and can be used in a pinch to save space money on moving expenses. Professional movers offer specialty moving boxes called, “wardrobe boxes,” which allow for the easy transfer of clothing to a hanging rack attached to a cardboard box. These boxes are sturdy and much more convenient to move clothing in. However, you get what you pay for and quality packing supplies can often cost a premium, which is why garbage bags (which retail at less than $5 a box) can save movers a significant amount of money.


Clothing and Other Linens


An important aspect of moving involves securing the contents of a box with packing peanuts and/or bubble wrap. Although not recommended by Tulsa movers, you have the option of using t-shirts, towels, and other linens to secure fragile items for transport. Newspaper is also another alternative to traditional packing products used to protect delicate items. When planning your move, try to collect old newspapers and wrap your china and glassware in sheets of it for added protection. Newspaper can be found rather easily in Tulsa. Try visiting a gas station or convenience store and ask them if they have any of the previous day’s papers around. They typically throw them out to make room for the current paper anyway.


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