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The Best Times to Move to Tulsa

After careful deliberation with your family, you’ve now decided to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma. You’ve also decided to live in one of the best neighborhoods in Tulsa. Next on your list: hire reliable movers. To carefully plan out the move, you hire our professional Oklahoma movers to make sure the job gets done and done right. Before our experienced movers go through a detailed, step-by-step process of the move, you’ll be asked when you’re thinking of moving. You might not give a moving date much thought, however, the time of year, day of the week, and time of day you choose to move can influence how much you’ll spend and the efficiency of the move. Our Tulsa movers are happy to give insight about the best times to move to Tulsa.


The Best Time of Year to Move to Tulsa

According to Move.org, 35.5 million Americans relocate annually [1] and a majority of those moves take place from late May to early September. This trend is caused by families with school-aged children choosing this of year to relocate so kids don’t miss school. Unless you have school-aged children of your own, our Tulsa residential movers advise against choosing a moving date during the school year. Since there’s a high demand for movers during this time of year, the prices will go up, therefore, if budget is a concern for you, don’t pick a moving date around this time.


The Best Time of the Month to Move to Tulsa

Now that you’ve figured out the time of year to relocate, follow through by picking the best time of the month. Usually, the best times to move to Tulsa are in the middle of the month. Around the beginning of the end of the month, there’s a greater demand for movers as leases end and new ones start, which drives up the cost. So, when you’re choosing a moving date in the month, the second or third weeks of the month would be best.


The Best Days of the Week to Move to Tulsa

If you have the luxury to move during the week instead of the weekend, our Oklahoma movers strongly suggest choosing a weekday to move. Most people choose to move during the weekend so they don’t give up a day’s pay, and this drives up the demand and cost for movers. So, pick a moving date during the week to save money and also give you more time to unpack and organize your new home during the weekend.


Stress-Free Moving with All My Sons Moving & Storage

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[1] Move.org – The State of the American Mover: Stats and Facts