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Storage Tips for Your Move

Finding adequate storage during a move is a virtual necessity. Whether you are downsizing space or must delay moving into your new home, storage units can become a life saver during a move. If you are moving to Broken Arrow Ok you may need a storage unit to house all your winter gear until next season. Regardless of your reasoning, there are a few storage tips you should know prior to renting a storage unit. There are many items to consider including:

1. How big of a unit will you need? There are units in all shapes and sizes to accommodate all of your needs. If you are moving to Broken Arrow Ok and need to store some books or extra items, then you may consider a small unit, however if you are moving to a significantly smaller home you may need a storage unit large enough to store a bedroom worth of items. There is no sense in paying more than the amount of storage space you need.

2. Are you storing the correct items in your storage unit? For example, if you are moving to Broken Arrow OK from Alaska during the summer, chances are you can safely store all your winter equipment in the storage unit until the temperatures begin to drop. You should never store harmful chemicals or items that you will need on a regular basis.

3. While moving, are you continuing to stay organized? There is nothing worse than having a poorly organized storage unit. Unmarked boxes randomly thrown into a storage unit are a recipe for disaster. To avoid hours of searching in the future, it is best to plan which items you will need to store and clearly label each box. Also, if you believe there are certain boxes you will need prior to retrieving all your items, keep those boxes near the front of the unit. This will prevent you from spending time digging through a mountain of boxes to find one item. Creating a map of your storage unit also helps keep you organized and you will always know where your items are. If you are an organizational neat freak, there are apps that will help you keep track of what goes into each box.

4. How efficient are you being? As mentioned earlier, it is best to only pay for the amount of space you need. If you have a five by five-foot unit, make sure to use all available space. Stack boxes high to maximize your space. (Don’t over stack! use proper caution when organizing your unit.)