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Spray Paint Hacks for Livening Up Your Home Decorations

If you find yourself having to use your Tulsa movers right around the holiday season, then you do not have to let the nagging reminder that you need to unpack all of your moving boxes before you have your housewarming party damper your holiday spirit!

After all, the holiday season is a time for laughter, joy, relaxation, and spending much needed time with your family. Your Tulsa moving company knows that nothing, not even having to move, should ruin that. For this very reason, if you have begun unpacking and have realized that some of your home decorations are a little more lackluster than you remember from when you were packing them up, then fret not! There are plenty of tips and tricks to liven up any home decorations that are lacking in the style department.

But how do you do this? Well, All My Sons Moving & Storage Tulsa is glad you asked! With the use of our secret weapon, spray paint, you can transform even the most homely decorations. For this reason, make sure to check out our handy spray paint hacks for livening up your home decorations.

Knobs. Spray paint the knobs on your dresser, doors, nightstand, bathroom cabinets, or anything else that needs a little flair! If you are feeling extra creative, then head over to your local thrift store and pick out a cheap dresser. Despite how ugly the dresser may be, it is no match for a good coat of white spray paint and freshly sprayed knobs in gold or silver. If you are not sure where a thrift store is in your new home, then your Tulsa moving company will be more than happy to give you some recommendations.

Lights. Are your holiday strand of lights looking a little blah against the background of your new house? Instantly change that without having to invest in tons of feet of new strands of lights by simply spray painting the base of the bulbs and the strands gold. This will also solve any problems you have with your lights all being the same color.

Vents. Is the new home that your Tulsa movers just settled you into absolutely perfect – except for one little thing? If the vents in your home are absolutely driving you up the wall, then easily update the look of them with a fresh coat of spray paint. This will also save you money and keep you from having to run around changing all of the vents before your house guests comes over.

Mats. Since you want your future home guests to have a great first impression of your new home, this means that the outside of your home has to be up to par with the inside. For this very reason, a simple and cheap rubber welcome mat simply will not do! Liven up your door mats with a coat of spray paint in a festive color. This way, it will double as a holiday decoration as well!