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How to Recycle Your Aluminum Pie Plates After Christmas

After the holiday season is over, you likely have a ton of used or leftover aluminum pie tins laying around your kitchen. If you are preparing a move to Tulsa, you might be quick to chuck the extra tins while packing boxes, but not so fast! Aluminum tins have plenty of uses besides holding delicious pumpkin pie for your holiday dinner.

Pie tins can be used for at home hacks like grilling, storing, and organizing. After you hire a Tulsa moving company and begin unpacking, you will be glad that you have these handy since aluminum pie plates have so many uses.

Use as a paint tray. After moving in to your new Tulsa home, you may have to do some minor paint touch ups. Instead of dirtying a hard-to-clean paint pan, use a leftover pie tin. It is the perfect size for small brushes and rollers, and you can throw it away when you are done.

Protect your furniture from candle wax. If you have large candles, or a collection of smaller ones, use aluminum pie tins to protect your tables from dripping wax.

Use as a cooling surface. If you have fix-it projects that require a hot glue gun or an iron, use a pie tin as a place to rest your hot tools and protect your counter or furniture.

Easily store circular items. After unpacking your tool shed, you may have several circular-shaped gadgets. Pie tins offer the perfect storage solution. You can cut one in a half and secure it to a wall for easy access to your saw blades or sanding disks. This can work well for craft items like ribbon too.

Keep your burners clean. Stovetops can get pretty dirty. When perfecting your kitchen after a move in, cut a hole in the middle of four pie tins and line each burner to keep them clean.

Protect your pet’s food. Have you ever noticed ants feasting on your furry friend’s food? Prevent this from happening in your new home by filling a pie tin with a bit of water and placing your pet’s food dish on top.

Grill small or skinny vegetables. There’s no better way to celebrate your new home than to have a BBQ. Grilling small or skinny veggies can be tough since they can slide through the grate. Make slits in a pie tin for an easy way to grill things like asparagus, green beans or other sliced produce.

Make a bird feeder or deflector. If you love to bird watch, aluminum pie plates can help you out. You can easily craft a bird feeder by gluing a small bowl to the middle of a pie tin. Sew on another tin for a roof, fill with seed, and hang from a tree. If you have ever had a bird fly into your window, you know how scary it can be for you and the bird! To ensure that it does not happen again, you can make little ornaments (in the shape of birds, circles, hearts, or whatever would match your home’s decor); this will break up the reflection for the birds.

Use what you have and be resourceful when moving; everyday items can be used for a variety of things and can make your life easier, while saving you money too!