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Tips for Moving While Pregnant

As if moving wasn’t stressful enough, throw in the status of being pregnant and it can be downright miserable. Thankfully, your friends at the Tulsa movers have a few tips to help you or your family members with their upcoming move while with child. Read on and learn about how you can get moved into your new place and ready to welcome your new baby.

One key thing that we want to emphasize during your move is to listen to your body. You will most likely get tired quicker than others and probably need more breaks—do not try and push yourself when you need to take a break and relax.

Make sure you are organized. Try to keep your focus on one thing at a time and not all over the place. Be prepared and research your moving company thoroughly so that you know what to expect on moving day. Call the moving office and get names of employees that quoted you prices or are coming to your home. 

Do not strain yourself trying to life heavy boxes or move furniture. Even if these are things you can normally move, the pregnancy comes first and you could overexert yourself trying to be Wonder Woman. Stick to packing and handling light boxes and linens such towels, bedding, placements, as safer items to maneuver. Clothing can also be a significant amount of your belongings, so you can stay occupied moving, packing, and unpacking clothes.

Throw a packing party and get family and friends to help you get things loaded and ready to move. Cook food, mix up cocktails for your guests and invite them to stay over and spend time in the old house before you are out.

Stay hydrated. On the day of the move, make sure you are getting plenty of fluids. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to get the move over with and depriving yourself of water or snacks. This cannot happen when you are pregnant!

Keep important documents handy. For you, this includes doctor’s contact information and any other documents pertaining to medication or your pregnancy. Keep everything accessible so you don’t have to scrounge for it during the moving process.

With that said, one of the first things to arrange for your next home is setting up any new doctor appointments. If you are moving more than an hour away, you should look into a doctor that is located closer to your new residence.