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Paint Your Tulsa Home Like a Professional

Painting the interior of your home is something you can do yourself rather than enlisting professionals. If you can grab a friend or two, the cost of painting on your own versus hiring a team of professionals can be invaluable. Even if you have never painted before, you can manage to paint the inside of your home, whether it is one room or three! The Jenks local movers have several pointers on how you can paint your home and enjoy splashes of color in your place in no time.

Tools You Will Need:

Paint in the color you have chosen and in the right texture

Mixing tray and mixing wooden stick

Metal paint can opener

Blue painter’s tape

Rollers and additional roller heads for changing colors


An old sheet to protect the floor

Painters tape will be the first tool you use, and you’ll need to mark off the walls and molding to keep the painting area clearly marked. Think of this as the life size version of coloring in the lines.

When you select the paint, you will need to stir it after they have mixed it to ensure that the color is evenly distributed throughout the base white. Pour about 3 cups of paint into the paint tray to begin painting, and don’t forget to securely put the lid back on the paint. If the lid is loose, the paint will dry out. You’ll be able to use the metal prong to reopen the can once you seal it.

If you are painting on wood, don’t forget you will need to back prime any new woodwork. This means priming and also sealing the wood so that it doesn’t bloat and alter the paint job.

Use a roller for the majority of the paint and use the brushes to fill near the ceiling and floorboards, as well as coming in handy if you only want to paint an accent wall.

If your painting is longer than one day, don’t wash the brushes quite yet. Place the brushes in the freezer inside of Ziploc bags and you can remove them the following day. Let the brushes thaw for about 15 minutes and you can begin using them after that—without any risk of water in the bristles diluting the paint!

Enjoy your newly painted home and remember- wait at least 3 hours in between coats and keep the windows open to air out the fumes!