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Organize Your Garage Sale

Moving to a new house is fun, and makes for the perfect fresh start that everyone can use at some point in their lives. If you wish to begin all over and start fresh, having a garage sale will help for you to get rid of your unwanted things. Not only do garage sales make moving easier, but it also make unpacking and organizing much easier. While the thought of organizing a garage sale may sound overwhelming, you can make it easier with these tips from the Broken Arrow, OK movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage.

When organizing your garage sale, the very first thing you should do is de-clutter. Go through your home and decide on things you want to keep and things you do not. You should make three piles: Keep, Donate, and Trash. If you have kids, go through their toys and books to see what no longer serves a purpose in your house anymore. When making your decision, ask yourself some questions like, Do I love it? Have I used it in the last few months? Does it have sentimental value? If you answer no to all of these questions, it is time to get rid of that item.

Planning ahead is crucial, in garage sales, during a move, and in life. To organize your garage sale, Broken Arrow, OK movers suggest setting a date that is far enough in advance that gives you enough time to prepare, and close enough so your friends can remember it. This perfect window of time should be about two to three weeks, maximum. Price all of your items ahead of time. Remember that at a garage sale, people are searching for very low prices. If you have numerous of a specific item, such as book, plan to set them on a table and sell them all for the same price, like 50 cents each.

The more you advertise your garage sale, the more traffic you will get. A few days before the sale, post signs on street corners around your house. Put the date and time of your garage sale and where it will be, or you can place arrows for people to follow. If you want to organize your garage sale to get rid of every last thing, Broken Arrow, OK movers suggest writing things like Name Your Price! on your signs. You should also let your friends and neighbors know through social networks.

After your garage sale, you can use the money you made to hire the Broken Arrow, OK movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage, or you can save the money for another time!