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5 Easy Home Organization Tips for Summer

Getting your home organized as each season transitions is an essential step to a well-kept home. With the daunting spring cleaning behind us, there are a few easy organizational updates you can do to ease into the summer months. The Tulsa movers have a few tips to help you have an organized and productive summer.

Purge! You probably don't even realize it, but you accumulate things constantly. The only way to combat this continual acquisition is to periodically purge your home of objects you don't need, want or use. Just remember to donate these items rather than simply tossing them in the trash.

Create a system. As you notice areas of the home that are difficult to keep organized, invest in some compartmentalized solutions from stores like IKEA and The Container Store to give everything its own place. Organizing your home can also be financial viable because it will help you to know exactly what you have, preventing overbuying or buying duplicates. There are even mobile apps to help you with this seemingly overwhelming task! The apps also allow you to snap images of receipts and track belongings in multiple properties. You can browse a gallery of your belongings in the database and easily add new purchases and acquisitions.

Speaking of organizing to prevent duplicate purchases, take inventory of what you have as you organize. Having a thorough and accurate record of your belongings is also beneficial if anything happens to your home, as you will need a list of items in the face of a robbery or insurance claim. Take photos and catalog significant items and keep an up to date list saved in your email and on your computer, so you can access the list in case the computer itself is one of the items ruined.

Be thorough when performing inventory on your home. The more detailed you are, the better! Don’t just focus on the valuable items like electronics and jewelry, record every day less “glamorous” items as well.

Review your insurance policies. Now that you know what you own and how much it's worth is the ideal time to review your insurance policy to see if it accurately covers your current possessions. You may find that you aren't adequately insured or that your policy requires some adjustments. Or you may be relieved to discover that you have just the right amount of home coverage.