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Make Your New House Feel like Your Home

In the hustle and bustle of moving, you sometimes lose track of your home identity. Changing addresses, packing your things, rearranging your life—these tasks can have psychological repercussions aside from the physical labor they take on your body. Luckily, we know how to help you feel right at home after you move to Tulsa. Whether you are buying or renting, our suggestions can help you transform this unfamiliar place into your new home.

Deep clean           

Is there anything less comforting than living in someone else’s dirt? A report from the National Center for Healthy Housing states that “carpets accumulate dust and dirt in the amount of approximately 5 to 25 grams per square meter of surface area, depending on (the) type of material, foot traffic and other factors.” When you consider that dust and dirt came from someone else, the truth is pretty foul. Steam clean to kill bacteria and remove particles. Hiring a professional cleaning service is a worthy expense when you move in.

Add familiar touches

If your new place just feels like a random building, you need to add some personal touches. Display your favorite photos, or arrange your favorite flowers, to greet you when you walk in the door. Also, familiar scents that you love like vanilla or eucalyptus can help your brain relate your past good feelings with the new location.


While some things should give you the similar feel of your past home, use this new place as an opportunity to expand your creative eye. Maybe a table you loved in a hallway looks perfect in your bedroom. Or a painting from the dining room looks perfect in the office. Try and see your old things in a new way with the help of this new setting.

Make it yours

Just because your new home has three bedrooms does not mean they have to all be dedicated as bedrooms. Maybe now you can give yourself an office, or make a craft room if you are into creating art. If you love to prepare complex meals, use a countertop-height table to add prep space in a breakfast nook. The smell of your favorite recipes will go a long way in creating that “home sweet home” ambiance.

Have loved ones over

It’s tempting to hold off on the invites until the design of your new home is just right, but there’s no better way to make it feel like your home than to start building memories. Having a few friends over will help you see how your space might best be utilized. See where people congregate, and use that as a guide for placing furniture.