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How to Overcome Being the New Person at Work

If you are reading this, congratulations must be in order. So here is to a job well done on your new job!

Now that your interview jitters have passed, you may have noticed a whole new set of jitters take their place. Sure, you nailed the interview and secured the job, but the real nerves start when you realize you are the new person at work. It’s like starting as a freshman all over again. And no matter how many times we experience being the newbie, the butterflies in our stomachs never seem to let up.

There is always the daunting questions that cloud our thoughts: Are my coworkers going to like me? Are they going to pick on me? How should I dress and act? Where should I sit? And these are just a taste of the never ending questions that run through our heads when heading into an new and unknown territory.

As for dealing with a new job, it is always hard finding your niche within the office. Especially, if and when your coworkers are constantly referring to you as “the new girl” or “the new guy”. They may not say it to your face but let’s face it, we have all fallen victim to name labeling. And to top it off, it usually takes weeks or even months until you can officially pass on the crowing label of the “newbie” to the next new hire.

Fortunately, there are tips and tricks to following in order to make this daunting transition an easy one. So if you are moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a fancy new job, here are a few tips for being the new guy or gal in the office.

  1. Learn names. Now, for some people this is the hardest and most nerve wrecking part of meeting new people. But the sooner the better. This way you will be able to avoid any awkward “sorry, I forgot your name” or calling someone by the wrong name. So to save face, work on networking.
  2. Next step, is figuring out the office dynamic. This might take a little more time and effort but get to know the people you will be spending most of your day with. Don’t be the lone wolf. Socialize and make friends. But don’t be too overbearing from the start. Observe the company culture: habits, hours of work, lunch norms, and dress code.
  3. Don’t be afraid to speak up. If you need to seek guidance do it. If you made a mistake, admit it. It is better to be up front. You are new, meaning you are given more leniency than others. Keep a good flowing communication with your boss and peers.
  4. Ask questions. The first few weeks should be used to absorb as much as information as possible.
  5. And remember, be yourself! They hired you because they saw something in you they liked. Don’t over think it. You won’t be the ‘newbie’ forever.

In the end, your nerves will waver. Be patient while the office ecosystem re-establishes itself. Soon enough you will find a comfortable niche within the office and your workers. And be considerate when the next new hire comes in. It wasn’t long ago since you were in their shoes.