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Moving to a New Neighborhood

For a variety of reasons, you might feel the urge to move neighborhoods and stay within the same city. Maybe one neighborhood has newer homes, or the place you are currently living in has seen a shift in demographics away from you—such as a traditionally family oriented area becoming a young professional area with loud residents and parties. Whatever your motivation, sometimes you want to move just a few blocks away. Here are some things to consider before you move into a new neighborhood.

Find out if you want to rent or buy. Moving leaves you open to either option. Maybe you want to move from a rental and buy your own home—then you should be looking at several aspects of the neighborhood, such as school districts, proximity to amenities, highway access, HOA fees, and property taxes. If you choose to rent, you have a little more flexibility with what you are looking for in a home and you also don’t have to future ties to the property that you would if you were committing to buying.

What does the neighborhood have to offer opposed to your current one?  Check out the restaurants, stores, entertainment, employment, and other factors of living that will differ from where you are now. Thinking of moving to Jenks from Tulsa? Consider what you will gain and also what you will lose.

Do you have a job currently? If yes, you need to see how it will be affected by your updated commute and location. If not, see what companies and other businesses are available and hiring in the area that will make your commute a breeze. When changing a neighborhood you can finally apply for a job that suits your skills and requirements.

Check out the new neighborhood and see what it is all about. Take a day or two off from work and visit the neighborhoods you are interested in. Other important tips for moving to a new neighborhood is to consider if the place has what you want like bookstores, sport clubs, etc. Talk to the locals about their way of life and what opportunities does the neighborhood offer. You’ll never know until you ask—plus it will give you a chance to chat with your potential new neighbors.

Stay open-minded. Moving is not always the most fun task, but the end result can be amazing. Keep in mind that the move, even though it’s a small one, is an adventure for you and your family. You can arrange your way of life in a new way, better than before. You will have access to new beautiful places to visit, resorts that are closer to you, museums, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. You will meet new people and make new friends, learn new things, and also see a different side of the place you probably thought you always knew.

Good luck on your upcoming Tulsa move and we hope you love your new neighborhood.