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First Time Moving Tips

Whether you are moving across town or across state, moving for the first time is a roller coaster ride of emotions. First time movers are undoubtedly excited but also stressed, confused, unsure, and inexperienced. With that in mind, the Tulsa movers have compiled a few tips that will make your first move an easy one.

First, plan your move. Call your Tulsa movers to speak with a moving specialist to get a head start. Once your move is scheduled, make a moving calendar and stay organized. By making a schedule you will be able to plan out various aspects for your move. Another thing that you would want to schedule apart from the moving company would be your packing timeline. If you are not paying for packing services, you need to make sure that you have time to pack everything up before the big day.

Once you have the keys to your new place, be sure to take measurements. Measuring out your new space is an important task to do before you move your things in. This way, you will know exactly what fits and where everything needs to go.  Some people do not realize until it is too late that their old furniture does not fit into their new home or vice versa. Instead of hauling items that will not work in your new space, measure and plan the layout.

Another pre-moving task is to clean your new home or apartment. By cleaning before moving all of your belongings in, the task of moving will be much easier. Also, consider doing a deeper clean to certain areas such as steam cleaning the carpets, spraying for pests, paint touch ups, and other maintenance tasks that would be harder to do with furniture in the house.

Do not forget to place a utilities order and a water meter transfer if required. Even though you may have other important services on your mind like cable and internet, you might want to have your lights, water, and air conditioning working on your move-in day. Once you get settled, you can schedule the other services when you have the time.

Another moving tip that many people do not think of is changing the locks. Change the locks once you are given the keys to your new home or apartment. This will provide security in the off-chance that the person before you or their friends or family members kept a copy of the keys.  Moreover, once you change the locks, make sure that your management service gets a copy, as required.

Lastly, try to maintain a minimalist style when decorating your new place. The chances that you will stay in your first place is unlikely, so resist the urge to buy a lot of decorations and items that are unnecessary. In the end, this will make your next move that much easier.