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Meeting Your New Neighbors

Moving to a new neighborhood is an exciting time! All the new sites, sounds and that great feeling of everything around you being new and fresh. All My Sons, the Tulsa movers, have always enjoyed taking people to their new homes and shared in that excitement. The energy of a great moving experience is like nothing else!

Now that you are getting settled into your new location, it’s always a good idea to get to know not only your physical surroundings but the people who will be living around you for the foreseeable future. Getting to know your neighbors is not just a fun idea, but a good ole fashioned Oklahoma thing to do. Find out who the Tulsa movers and shakers are. So without any more hesitation, All My Sons Tulsa has some tips for you to get to know your neighbors:

Neighborhood party - Be respectful, and invite the neighbors. If you’d like to get to know your neighbor’s one of the best ways to do that is to invite them to the house warming party. First impressions are so important and if their first impression of you is a welcome or open friendliness you can bet it will be the impression that lasts. These are your neighbors and they will be around for quite some time. Get to know them! Make Sure you introduce everyone at the party as well. Nothing worse than trying to get to know other’s but not having proper introductions.

Greeting Cards - It might be a good idea to send out cards to give your neighbors the opportunity to talk to you about something if that chance comes up. You can also count this as the opportunity to send thank you cards if you threw a neighborhood party. Let them know you appreciate them taking the time to come out and meet you.

Get Interested - Take the time to get interested in your neighbors. If there’s a chance to strike up conversation, take it. Ask about the neighborhood itself, ask where the local hangouts are and where the best burger joint it. This is an opportunity to get to know your neighbors and also a chance to get the inside scoop on some of the fantastic things to do in your area.

Welcome New Neighbors – You have been in this situation. If you find someone who has moved into the neighborhood after you have, make sure to welcome them. Take the time to develop a relationship and relate with them. That new and exciting feeling of moving to a new place is a great thing to share with others.

Once you get settled make sure to recommend All My Sons Tulsa to everyone you know. Spread the word and spread the good cheer. Have fun moving and making new friends. These are the times memories are made and foundations are laid. Get out there and take advantage of your new surroundings. Happy moving!