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Neutralizing your Home to Appeal to Buyers

Everyone has their own style when it comes to their home and a majority of us have several décor items that are personalized to our family and friends such as portraits or paintings. However, when buying a home, buyers want to be able to imagine their family and friends in your home rather than yours, so it is beneficial for both parties to neutralize the home for a better appeal to potential buyers.

Selling your home is a complex process, which is why All My Sons of Tulsa has listed tips below on what buyers like, what they don’t like, and what to expect when showing and selling your home. The Tulsa movers have extensive experience working with families and individuals who are looking to relocate, which is why we put our heads together to compile a few insider tips to help you understand the moving process.

The first item to focus on is depersonalizing. When staging a home to sell, we have experienced that a neutralized home is more appealing to a buyer. The following tips cover the does and don’ts of depersonalizing your home.

At this point in the process of moving, you need to detach yourself from your prior home. You need to begin to see your home less as yours and more as an estranged house. The first step would be removing items from the home that are less décor oriented and more family and friend oriented. Items such as: Christmas cards, report cards on the fridge, family pictures, or your children’s latest artwork. These items may have value to you, but they hold no value to potential buyers and can create the look of clutter when you want the home to look immaculate for selling.

Keep in mind that you have your own taste and so do the buyers. Everyone’s tastes vary from modern, traditional, urban, to western, and when staging the home it is impossible to accommodate to everyone’s style. A safe way to face this issue is to have the house furnished just enough to be lived in, think minimalist. Try to leave the walls bare and take out unnecessary accessories in order to make the home a blank canvas for which the buyers can paint a picture of what their future would look like in your home.

When neutralizing your home, it is implied that a neutral tone is essential. Embrace the neutral, paint the walls back to an off-white color so that it looks brand new. Overwhelming colors can subconsciously make a buyer find your home unappealing, which is not what you want as the seller.

Bedrooms are a lot harder to completely depersonalize if you have children that are expressive with their décor. Trade any girly or boyish sheets or comforter to a neutral duvet and illuminate as many personalized decorations as possible. Take down posters and pictures and trade them for mirrors to give the bedroom an open illusion. If drapery is personalized or overwhelming, you can take them down and not worry about having to replace them with neutral ones; leave the windows bare to bring in more natural lighting and create a larger feel to the room.

There are several tricks to depersonalizing and staging a home to sell. However, it is important to always remember that the buyer should feel comfortable in your home. In essence, they should not feel as if they are intruding on someone else’s space. By following these tips and using a neutral and minimalist styling, your home can appeal to any and all potential buyers.