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Jazz Culture of Downtown Tulsa

If you have been to Downtown Tulsa, then you know all about the jazz scene. Oklahoma is rich in jazz culture and Tulsa is a hotspot. If you choose to move to Tulsa, then you are in for a unique experience of music and nightlife. Our Tulsa movers are here to give you an introduction to the jazz culture so you can explore the nightlife in Tulsa when you make your move.


History of Jazz in Tulsa

Oklahoma’s major cities have experienced the rise of various jazz artists. This is because people of different backgrounds settled in Oklahoma. The diversity in culture significantly contributed to the live music in Tulsa. People began to experiment with different music genres, and this led to jazz. Local musicians and inspired artists became strong influences in the development of jazz. Famous artists would later cite local musicians as crucial to their jazz career. In fact, Oklahoma was one of a few states where bands would perform on a circuit to gain exposure. Bands like the Oklahoma City Blue Devils had a strong influence on jazz in the South and Midwest.


Jazz in Tulsa

There are many influential jazz establishments in Tulsa. In fact, the Greenwood District in Tulsa remains a center for jazz and blues. You will see the jazz culture in Downtown Tulsa in many buildings and venues.


1. Duet Jazz

You can’t go wrong with food and jazz. Duet Jazz offers an immersion experience with their restaurant and concert combo. You can buy a concert ticket and get the full experience or eat at the restaurant. Our Eastborough movers recommend eating at the restaurant during the weekends to hear live music on the patio. The concert area is general admission and does not require a dress code. Come as you are and enjoy the jazz culture in downtown Tulsa. If you’re looking to move to Tulsa to become the next big jazz artist, be sure to submit an audio or video link to the venue.


2. Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame

Located in the former Tulsa Union Depot, the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame is dedicated to celebrating gospel, jazz, and blues musicians. This non-profit organization doubles as a museum and music venue. In the museum, you will find photographs, exhibits, and a music library to honor artists like Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington. The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame continues to induct new jazz artists each year. For this reason, this venue honors the evolution of jazz.

Jazz in Tulsa is just one of many reasons people decide to settle here. Our Eastborough movers are here to help you pack, load, and transport your belongings both local and long distance. With over two decades of experience, our Tulsa auto movers are equipped to provide the best customer care and moving services. Give us a call for a free moving quote today!



Oklahoma Historical Society - Jazz


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