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How to Save Money When Moving to Bixby

For those of us who have had to move multiple times, the thought of having to plan yet another move may be enough to put you over the edge. Fortunately, after over 20 years’ experience of moving families into new homes, your local Bixby movers know a thing or two about where people get it wrong and where people get it right when it comes to moving.

All factors considered, moving costs can add up. This is precisely why this list of how to save money when moving to Bixby will prove to be your new best friend – you can thank All My Sons Moving & Storage later!

Be selective.

Why pack and unpack extra stuff that you don’t need, if you don’t have to? Start fresh in your new Bixby home by decluttering your belongings before you even get there.

According to professional organizer, Erin Boyle, “take time to make sure that everything you pack is something that you want to take with you…moving less stuff means spending less money.” What do you do with all of the items that you choose to not take with you during your move to Bixby? Have a garage sale and earn some extra spending cash to put towards your housewarming party in your new Bixby home! Even better, selling items can help pay for the moving costs associated with moving to Bixby.

Don’t procrastinate.

While many of us are good at it, procrastination is not something that is recommended when it comes to trying to save money when moving to Bixby. Not only will this stress you out, but it will also keep you from being able to sort through all of your belongings. Neglecting to declutter leads to bringing more stuff that you don’t need to your new Bixby home, as well as prevents you from adding money to your housewarming party fund.

Timing is key.

The time of the year that you look for a new home, may make a huge difference in how much you end up paying. That same concept can apply to moving. If you choose to move to Bixby during the moving season months of June, July or August, you will find that moving quotes are higher due to the high demand for Bixby movers during those months.

According to Niccole Schreck, writer for Rent.com, “apartment selection in the winter months tends to be a little tighter. Property managers and landlords are often willing to come down in price during the slower period in order to help fill vacancies.” The opposite is true for the summer months; although, there are more options available from May to September, a higher demand creates higher rental rates.

Choose quality movers.

One sure-fire way to save money when searching for the right Bixby movers, is to not go with the first moving company you call. You want to make sure that you go with trustworthy movers that you can count on, like All My Sons Moving & Storage.

Jeanette Pavini, writer for Coupons.com, also suggests to, “Make sure to get several bids. Be realistic about how much needs to be moved, so the company can make an accurate estimate.” Doing your homework before moving to Bixby could end up saving you a ton of money!