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How to Organize Your Move to Broken Arrow

There are times when you find yourself rummaging through your things in attempts to organize your life little by little. However, the time has come to where you need to get serious. If you are moving to Broken Arrow, OK, it is time to get down to business and begin the real organizing. All My Sons Moving & Storage has a few tips and tricks for you to follow to help organize your move to Oklahoma.

First and foremost, do not settle for the very first Broken Arrow moving company that is the cheapest. Opt for a moving team with experience, good service, and reliability. If you choose a moving company without doing your research, you could potentially lose time and more money than you anticipated.

Although you may think you want to keep all of your precious belongings, you need to get rid of clutter before you begin packing. Create three piles consisting of the things you want to keep, throw away, and donate. You may have heard this trick plenty of times before, but it is a sure-proof way to do away with things you did not even realize you can live without.

When gathering all of your moving boxes, make sure you are getting boxes in assorted sizes that are in good condition and can be sealed closed with tape. You can store cardboard boxes for later use by breaking them down and flattening them out. If you are on a budget, it is very easy to find moving boxes in Tulsa.

A great way to organize your move is using the A-B-C system. Everything you pack into boxes does not have to be unpacked immediately after moving to Broken Arrow, OK. If the box contains important items like toiletries, mark it with the contents inside and Priority A. If the contents are important, but can wait a day or two like kitchen accessories, mark it with the contents inside and Priority B. If the boxes contain items like holiday decorations, mark it Priority C. Unpack these items in order from A to C. It is important to always label what is inside of the boxes.

Do not wait until the last minute to pack. By last minute we do not mean until the day before you go, or the week before moving to Broken Arrow, OK. To organize your move the proper way, begin packing early, about a month before moving. Start with packing up the areas less often used, such as the attic and garage.

Before diving right in, create a plan with your family and whoever else is helping throughout the process of moving to Broken Arrow, OK. Operations run much more smoothly when discussing a plan in regards to where things will go and who will take them where.