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How to Move without Losing Your Holiday Cheer

While moving can prove to be stressful enough, adding the holiday season on top of it certainly does nothing to make it any easier. After all, having to use your Tulsa movers to pack up and move to a completely different home may seem exceptionally unsettling, especially around the holidays. However, there are plenty of ways to ease the stress of moving and to get settled into your new home without having to sacrifice any of your holiday cheer.

Don’t worry about missing your familiar surroundings during the holiday season, because your Tulsa moving company has got you covered! Simply check out these tips from All My Sons Moving & Storage Tulsa on how to move without losing your holiday cheer.

Have your housewarming party. What better time to host your housewarming party other than during the holidays? Your neighbors will already be in a festive move, so spirits will be high all around. This will also serve as great motivation to get all of the moving boxes that your Tulsa movers unloaded for you unpacked and set up for guests to come over. Plus, having a housewarming party to plan will give you something to look forward to during the holiday season if you find yourself in a new city or state where you do not know that many people.

Explore Tulsa. Just because you have to move does not mean that you need to lock yourself in your home until every single box is unpacked. After all, that is the quickest way to make yourself go crazy and to lose all of your holiday cheer! Give yourself breaks from moving by getting out of the house and exploring Tulsa. Your Tulsa moving company will be happy to give you recommendations of where to go to meet new people and discover where all of the locals go. Regardless of whether or not it is something as simple as going out to grab some coffee or going on a morning run, getting out of the house will do wonders for keeping your holiday spirit up.

Add some holiday touches. Even if your holiday decorations somehow ended up in a mystery box that you forgot to label, that does not mean that your new home has to be devoid of any holiday cheer! Something as simple as adding holiday candles will immediately turn your new house into a home. You can also play holiday music while you unpack, as it will put both you and your Tulsa movers in the holiday spirit while you slowly finish all of the steps of your move. But be careful, you will be humming “Jingle Bells” all throughout town!