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Hosting a Yard Sale Before You Move

Before you start packing your belongings to move, you probably know you need to unclutter and let a few things go before you move. While you can either sell items online, donate them to charity, or toss them, why not explore the idea of a garage sale? The Tulsa local movers want to help you coordinate a yard sale to make a few dollars off of your unwanted belongings. Less to move means less to pack…and subsequently unpack! One key to a successful yard sale is to promote it and get a large crowd to come buy off your unwanted items. Read on to learn more about our tips for promoting your yard sale.

Social networking. These days, events and everything else are promoted and shared on social media networks. Once your moving date is set, plan your yard sale a few weeks prior. Immediately start some door-to-door visits asking neighbors to attend, as well as to spread the word to their co-workers, friends and family that you're hosting a yard sale. Share the yard sale via email, Twitter, Facebook, and let those networks share the news with friends of friends and beyond. For massive exposure to the general public, some of the best places to announce a moving sale are Craigslist or in the newspaper.

Sell to consignment shops. If you are selling items that are in still in mint condition or have tags, a consignment shop could pay you pretty fairly for the items. The Junior League is a great place to start. They're reputable, experts at consignment, and their proceeds have been helping women since 1901. Another great tool for scoping out the good shops is Consignmentshops.com, a comprehensive site that features stores throughout the country and includes information on the specialty of each one.

Donate items if you don’t want to organize a sale. Church re-sales could be a great place for you to unload some of your unwanted items. They host moving sales and events that could accommodate selling your goods. However, be aware that they may expect the items to be donated and so there will be no money made from this. (Through some groups your donations could be tax deductible). The silver lining is that a set of bowls, lamps, used furniture, pots and pans, etc., could be just what someone in need could really use.