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Easy Home Staging Tips

Increase the appeal of your home by staging it to attract potential buyers. Harness the power of the first impression and get someone to fall in love with your place from the way that you have it decorated. The Tulsa movers have a few expert tips on staging your home with the intent to sell, so pay attention as we help you get your home sold and off of your hands.

The front entrance to your home is not to be overlooked, as it is the first place in your home where the prospective buyers will spend time. Make sure leaves and other debris are swept up and away from the porch, and hang something welcoming like a big wreath on the front door. A fresh coat of paint might be required as well, if it’s been a while since the door has been painted. Potted plants are also a great look, but when kept at a minimum. Remember, the house should be inviting but not overly personal or lived in.

Stand in the doorway of each room in your house and look inside. How would you feel if you were a potential buyer? Buyers want a home that is move-in ready and isn’t cluttered up with a bunch of stuff—whether it is personal mementos or things that have been acquired, both can be deterring to potential buyers. Try to open up the rooms in your home by going through and decluttering—something you will have to do anyway when you move.

Are the walls painted? If so, make sure they are painted a color that isn’t overwhelming for prospective buyers. Neutral colors might seem bland, but to an outside person viewing the home, neutral walls are a clean slate for them to personalize the home in the way that they deem fit.

While you may feel your house is too plain with clutter out and neutral walls, there are ways to add pops of color and creativity without overwhelming people coming to view your home. Big mirrors are great for opening up spaces, and throw pillows and rugs can be great accents to your space.

Emotionally detach. This is one of the hardest things for people do when they have their home up for sale. Maybe this is the first home you lived in with your spouse, or the house where you brought home your first child—whatever your history with the home is, it’s just that: history. Selling your home means you will have to physically part ways with it, and that’s often easier than cutting the emotional ties. It is better to begin detaching from your home sooner rather than later.