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Home Projects You Should Take on This Fall

As we transition from summer into fall, there are a few projects that you can implement to make your home more modern and efficient. Here at the Tulsa local movers, we want to share our ideas for helping you enjoy the last (and often warmest) month of summer and head into fall ready to cool down.

Make your home a “smart home.” Smart home systems are certainly nothing new, but as they continue to evolve they become increasingly smarter and tailored to your home and your habits. For example, did you know that you can enable your refrigerator to Wi-Fi? By doing so, you can browse the web for recipes from an LCS screen on the door, and check the weather as you brew your morning coffee. Even your front door can be “smart,” with locks that can be enabled and disabled from your mobile phone or tablet.

Entertain the kiddies with an at-home water park. Tired of slaving off to the pools and parks? Create a water oasis in your own backyard! Make a homemade slip n’ slide with a tarp and your hose and watch as the children are entertained for hours! Hang water balloons as piñatas, and set up rotating sprinklers for easy fun in the sun for your children and other neighborhood youngins.

Create a garden. A full-size garden can be difficult and intimidating, so why not create a small area garden with a few vegetables and herbs that you use regularly? You can grow 100 percent of your garden in a 4 x 4 foot area, so less can definitely be more!

Get your HVAC inspected. While you have been cranking the air conditioner, your machinery has been hard at work. Getting your HVAC serviced is an essential part of maintaining a system that works, and it is a definite task to complete before the seasons change and you begin using the heat function.

Take to landscaping. Get creative and put a little pizzazz into your backyard. Whether it’s laying stepping stones or installing a fountain, you can make your yard something a little extra special with a trip to Home Depot and some creativity.

There you have it! Some last minute summer tasks to help you reap the most out of each remaining day of the season. Enjoy…and prepare for fall!