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Organize Your Home and Your Life

In the daily chaos that is life, it’s easy to fall behind on projects, cleaning, organization, and “me time” as we all juggle work and family responsibilities. While you can’t add more hours to your day, there is a solution to maximizing your time with some organizational efforts. Here at the Tulsa local movers, we have tips to help you find your organizational equilibrium and get your home and life organized and functioning more efficiently.

Have a central area or “command center.” You need to have a place where you keep your keys, chargers, due bills, lists, and more. Do not let this area fall susceptible to becoming a catch-all for clutter though, which can easily happen with these entry way areas as mail is tossed and things are set down upon entering the home. Break this habit! Get a simple basket or tray and keep your keys, sunglasses and charger there. Then you never have to wonder where these things are!

Keep lists and write things down. In the day of smart phones and tablets, many people skip the good old fashioned art of writing things down. When you write things, you are more likely to remember them—plus you don’t have to be staring down with your face in your phone any more than you already do.

Give everything its own place. Nothing makes life more chaotic than a home with a bunch of stuff cluttered around. Purchase organizational aids to help you get organized and stay that way! Installing hooks, shelves, and other little touches can go a long way in providing you the storage and help you need in making sure everything has a place of its own.

Opt for multi-functional pieces. A sofa with drawers built in is a great way to store blankets, and an ottoman that opens into a chest is an ideal way to store other items that you might not have storage space for. Beds can also have storage underneath, which can be in ideal way to store and switch out clothing when the seasons change.

Do it NOW. One of the biggest ways to let clutter consume you is by putting off things you need to do. Don’t wait to fold the dry clothes, don’t wait to take out the trash, and don’t wait to clean the bathroom. Do these things sooner rather than later—get them over with!

Use wall space. If you have a smaller home, don’t limit yourself by square footage. Use the walls and add shelving, cabinets, and other vertical elements to maximize your space without making the ground level feel cluttered and cumbersome.

Make technology work for you. These days, there are apps that you can use to not only schedule events and make lists, but you can also sync existing calendars on your phone with a Google or Outlook account. While these take a little effort to set up, once you are up and running it acts like a virtual assistant, organizing events and dates and sending notifications and reminders.

Once you get organized, you’ll quickly wonder how you ever functioned without it! Just keep in mind, being organized is a lifestyle change, not a one-time clean up and take care of itself chore.