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Helping Your Kids Keep Their Rooms Organized

Many parents are embarrassed of the way their children keep their rooms. Some parents may try to clean their kids’ rooms, only to end up angry when it is a mess the next day. Others may simply shut the door and keep it closed. But there is a better way, your Broken Arrow packing and moving company promises!

You will first want to know what your child has a hard time keeping organized. Are clothes always strewn about the floor? Or is it toys that pose a safety risk every time you dare enter their room? If so, is it stuffed animals? Legos? Video games? Whatever is, there is an organizational solution. The key is creating simple and clearly-defined spaces for your children’s most frequently-used things.

  • It may be best to buy furniture and shelving to help your child stay organized. Invest in quality pieces that they will be able to use throughout their adolescence. Choose wooden structures in neutral colors that would be easy to paint if necessary. A chest, trunk or rectangular ottoman that opens is a great choice. These large pieces are really easy for kids. They just throw their toys in when they are done and close the lid. As they get older, they will be able to store clothes or sporting equipment inside.
  • Cubbies are a great way to store toys. You can purchase them from places like Target or Walmart. Makes sure to pick up bins too. These make cleanup really simple, and they are easy for little ones to organize. If you want to label them, try chalkboard labels so your kids can erase the labels if they change the contents of the cubby.
  • If you do not want to spend money of pricey furniture or containers, use what you have. Folgers coffee containers are great for storing things like Legos, crayons and action figures. You can print sticker-labels at home of what is inside to cover up the can’s logo. You can also use over-the-door shoe organizers for your kids’ Barbie’s and action figures.
  • If your children have a hard time keeping their clothes in order, maybe a traditional dresser is not the best storage idea for them. Consider a locker; they are available at IKEA. You can fill it with bins and containers that make storing clothes easier to organize for kids. You can also try a free standing wardrobe. The big, open space is better for visual kids who need to see it all.
  • After you decide how you will organize your kids’ rooms, you will want to help them purge. Showing them what to donate and what to throw away will enable them to do it alone in the future. There is no sense in holding on to toys they no longer play with or clothes that no longer fit, so show them the ropes!

Getting your kids organized is half the battle—keeping them organized is the hard part. With these techniques, you will make the job easier for them (and therefore, for you). Set them up for success: teach them how to clean up and how each organizational system works. Once they get the hang of it, everyone’s life will be much easier (and cleaner)!