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Help Your Garden Beat the Heat This Summer

Now that you are almost done with your move, you can finally relish in the rest of the warm summer weather and spend as much time outdoors as you possibly can before the seasons begin to change again. Especially now that you will have plenty of outdoor space in your new Tulsa home, this is the perfect time to nurture that green thumb of yours. After all, what better way to get the whole family together other than bonding over taking care of your own Tulsa garden?

Since Oklahoma can alternate between cool, wet, hot, wet, dry, and then wet again, you will need to take extra care of your garden to make sure that your plants can cope with the heat. Your local Tulsa movers have some tips that they have picked up throughout the years and many Oklahoma summers. Getting through the heat will almost be as easy as your move with All My Sons Moving & Storage!


One of the best ways to help your plants deal with the heat, adding a layer of mulch around your garden will keep the ground cooler as well as hold in moisture. If you use wheat straw mulch, not only is it cleaner, but it also keeps the insect population down, adds nitrogen and improves your soil. With so many added benefits, make sure to add fresh mulch once every two weeks for an effortless way to help your Tulsa garden beat the heat.


After you move to Tulsa and start your garden, in order to stay away from bugs and other diseases throughout the summer, try some eco-friendly insecticides. Plant oregano, borage or dill in order to keep squash bugs away, while planting dill will also deter tomato horn worms from invading your garden. If you need help pollinating plants naturally, then plant coneflowers, Russian sage and native calamint in order to attract bees and butterflies.

Row Cover

A great way to help shelter pets from insects, birds and the heat, using a row cover will allow moisture and wind to pass through, but will protect your plants from the heat and any other curious animals that may stop by to try and take a bite out of your delicious garden that you created after your move to Tulsa. In order to build your own row cover, buy a ½-inch PVC and insert each end in the ground deep enough so that it will not collapse with the weight of rain on the cover.