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Make Your Home Fresh and Clean

Whether you are moving in or out of a new place, one thing is certain—you have some cleaning in your future. The Tulsa movers want to help you get in and get settled as soon as possible, so we compiled a list of cleaning tips for you to run through. Complete this checklist and you are good to go! Let’s get started.

Keep baking soda on hand. Use it for absorbing odor in the house or in the refrigerator. Pour it on carpets and vacuum it up to cut dirty smells, sprinkle it in garbage cans to eliminate the stench of trash. Save remainder for homemade cleaners that get the bathroom sparkling clean.

Vinegar can cut lingering cigarette stench. If the place you are moving into has a stench of lingering smoke from previous owners, this can help dissolve the smell. Leave a bowl of vinegar on tabletops or counters to permeate the air openly.

Use dryer sheets in the garbage. Line trash cans in the kitchen and bathroom with a dryer sheet to help spread the scent. You can also place them on shelves in the linen closet to keep that dryer fresh scent on towels and sheets.

Vanilla extract can also help freshen up stale areas, so if the vinegar and baking soda are slacking this stronger scent might be just what you need.  Vanilla is ideal for covering must and mold smells so if you are dealing with these then it might be the perfect solution.

Change out lighting. The light bulbs in your new home are most likely a mix of old bulbs, bad wattage, or bulbs ready to blow, so it makes sense to go ahead and change these out at once to avoid having to change one at a time over the next few months. Find ones with lower wattage and longer shelf life.

Clean the windows. Clean windows have an amazing immediate effect on your home. Clean windows will also help boost the natural light coming into your house, which has a brightening and mood-lifting effect on the entire space.

Have a pet clean-up kit. Keep pet wipes, white vinegar, a spray bottle and other emergency clean up items on hand to keep pet messes at bay. Also, you need to get in a routine of sweeping once per day and shaking out rugs or vacuuming carpets to omit pet dander and dirt.