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Where to Find Moving Boxes in Tulsa

Moving is a pain in the neck to say the least, and it can get expensive really quickly. One thing that people often don’t realize is so expensive is moving boxes. They add up quickly, and relying on movers to provide them is asking for a big bill. Luckily, there are some hidden gems in the world of free moving boxes, and if you are moving in Tulsa, you are in luck. There are seven hotspots, and here they are.

Office supply stores have their fair share of leftover boxes. One kind to look out for is the kind that holds reams of paper. They are sturdy and have lids. Talk about prefect when it comes to packing. They are just the right size for carrying, they have handles, and they have lids. That means no tape, no struggle, and everything is compact.

Bookstores are also a really good place to find free boxes. Think of how heavy books are, and then think about how sturdy those boxes need to be in order to support the books. You can always call ahead and try to talk to a manager about scheduling a time when you can go in and pick them up, and the rest is history. Free boxes have never been so easy to get.

Bars and restaurants are also a great place to find unwanted boxes. The boxes that liquor come in are some of the sturdiest around because nothing can get in the way of people and their liquor. They typically don’t come with lids so that the people at the restaurant can take quick inventory of what is in the boxes, do these are perfect for things that don’t need lids, like clothes and toiletries and things of the sort.

A little known fact is that pharmacies are hot spots for boxes. All you need to do is call ahead and let them know you’re coming, and then go and pick them up. Calling ahead reassures that they don’t break the boxes down, saving you time and money.

Liquor stores are another great place to find boxes, as their boxes are similar to those of restaurants and bars, but these sometimes have lids.

Home improvement stores are another option. It might be a little bit more difficult to find someone that is willing to part with their boxes at a bigger store, whereas local stores will most likely be willing to help you out.

Why add to the stress and the cost of moving when you don’t have to? Getting free boxes makes things much easier on you in a time when you need things to be easy. Don’t waste any more money on boxes, and save the planet while you’re doing it.