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Learn the Basics of Feng Shui

Decorating trends come and go, but feng shui has remained a popular decorating style thanks to its long history and Asian influence on décor. Essentially a decorating “superstition,” feng shui has a few distinct principles to help your home achieve a calm and happy home. The Tulsa local movers have outlined the fundamentals of feng shui to get you started today.

Clear out the clutter. One of the most basic decorating tips is also a pillar of feng shui—clean up the clutter. Clutter is a stressor for both residents and guests, and stress is the opposite of what feng shui aims to achieve. A clean house is a calm house, so move out the clutter and the chaos.

Let in light and fresh air. Natural light and clean air are essential to life, and therefore essential to feng shui. Good air and light are also associated with the chi, which is what feng shui aims to maintain. Open your windows as often as possible and install an air purifier. Leave curtains open during the day to let in sunlight rather than relying on harsh fluorescent lights.

Decorate with the 5 feng shui elements. Feng shui uses color to represent the basics of life and goals. Green represents health and a balance in your family life. Blue supports wealth and money. Red and pink represent love. Yellow is encouraging of happiness and having happy time together as a family. White urges creativity and is recommended in your office and other creative spaces.

Bring nature in. Having plants in your home helps you connect with the natural world. You can even use your plants as a means to incorporate the colors by species of flowers. However, you can also use silk plants or bamboo plants to fill the void of nature in case there isn’t enough natural light for flowers to bloom and survive.

Sound. Music in your home while you work, clean, and spend time with family and friends is a strong tie to feng shui. Music uplifts the chi and can have a soothing effect on your day to day life.

There you have it--some easy and effective ways to make your home a more peaceful place. Enjoy the basics of feng shui and let your home become a place that is nurturing and calming to your soul.