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Best Pizza Places in Tulsa

Nothing is more satisfying than a delicious slice of pizza after a long day of packing and moving. After all, who does not enjoy pizza? Everyone from your local Tulsa movers to your kids will love a slice of the best pizza that Tulsa has to offer – the only question is, how do you know where to find the best pizza in the city? Well, your local Tulsa moving company has a list of the best pizza places that will make it hard to decide which one is your favorite!

Uncle Vinny’s NY Style Pizzeria

Described as the “closest you’ll ever get to New York,” Uncle Vinny’s NY Style Pizzeria has one of the best meat lover’s pizza around, with Canadian bacon, crushed meatballs, Italian sausage and pepperoni. For those with a more adventurous taste, see if you can handle their “Funky Chicken” pizza complete with grilled seasoned chicken, pineapple, jalapeno, barbecue sauce, rumble breakfast bacon and fresh shredded mozzarella.

Hey Mambo

Located in the Historic Brady Arts District of Tulsa, Hey Mambo frequently receives reviews such as “best new pizza in Tulsa” and “new favorite go to in Tulsa.” Their unique pizzas that are inspired by the city itself is the main reason why Oklahoma moving companies recommend this pizza place to new Tulsa residents. Try the Center of the Universe pizza, named after the city’s annual music festival, which has mambo pesto cream, artichoke, spinach, pepper bacon, sliced prosciutto, roma tomatoes and feta.

Hideaway Pizza

With seven locations in Tulsa, Hideaway Pizza, founded in 1957, prides itself on being an Oklahoma company. The signature pizza is layered with Alfredo sauce and then covered with a mix of mozzarella, provolone cheeses, grilled chicken breast strips, smoked bacon, fresh sliced mushrooms, fresh spinach and diced Roma tomatoes. Another favorite of Tulsa movers is the Capone, which is loaded with Italian sausage, pepperoni, Genoa salami, smoked bacon, diced red onion, black olives, minced garlic and Hideaway Pizza’s special parmesan herb blend.

East Village Bohemian Pizzeria

All pizzas are prepared Neopolitan style in a wood fired oven, this is a favorite local pizza joint for locals to go to not only because of the delicious pizza, but also for the local performers that are often at the restaurant. Make sure to try the Mt. Vesuvius pizza when you go, it has a delicious mix of San Marzano tomatoes, spicy soppressata, BurnCo BBQ Italian sausage, wild mushrooms, roasted jalapeno and mozzarella di bufala topped with spicy Calabrese pepper sauce.