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15 Ultimate Life Hacks for Moving

Yeah, you read that right, fifteen life hacks for moving to make things in your life that much

easier. You ready for this? Let’s get right into it.


Socks. Yes, those comfortable little sleeping bags for your feet.

Boxing up fragile items for your move? Bubble wrap is overrated, wrap your socks, t-shirts and towels around your fragile items. Boom, your worries about broken glass just got shot out of a



Wrapping Paper Tube. The perfect support for travel.

Wrinkles? That’s a thing of the past. Use your old wrapping paper tubes to roll linens around it and say goodbye to creases during the moving process.


Nail File. Who doesn’t like to keep their nails in check?

Did you get stains on your bags and shoes while moving to Tulsa? Use your emery board to buff away unwanted marks on your wardrobe.


Eraser. The tip on a magic wand.

This is an old trick our Tulsa movers use to keep their own homes in tip-top shape. Use an eraser to rub out scuffs on hardwood and tile floors. This also works for smudges on leather bags and shoes.


Cooking Spray a.k.a. wonder grease.

That squeaky door hinge has seen the last of its days. Spray a little bit of cooking spray on a noisy hinge, and swing back and forth to the musical stylings of silence.


Sticky Note. Nope, that’s a colorful, square, paper cleaning product…that you can leave notes on. Gathered grime in your computer keyboard while moving to Tulsa? Break out that stack of cleaning paper and wedge one between the keys to collect crumbs and who knows what else you got in there.


Wide-Tooth Comb. Who names these things? It’s clearly a carpet comb. (Nice ring to it)

Moving can be messy, and even though you put your best foot forward, your favorite carpet got tangled, messy, and who knows what. Use a carpet comb (wide-tooth comb) to get the knots out of un-cooperating fringe on a rug.


Plastic Lids are not just for keeping your food fresh.

The last thing you need is another rusty ring on your bathroom counter. Use the top of a small sour cream or potato chip dip container as a coaster for your shaving cream.



Shower Caps save lives. Okay, maybe not lives, but definitely your clothes.

Before packing all your shoes for your move to Tulsa, make sure to use disposable shower caps to cover the soles. This way, you don’t run the risk of having the bottom of your shoes ruin your



Pillowcase. The next generation in clothing protection technology for moving.

Cut a hole in the closed end of an extra pillow case, slip over a hanger, and use this life hack for moving to cover coats or delicate clothing when moving. It not only protects your clothes, it also has breathability that prevents mildew from forming due to moisture. A step up from using trash bags for this task.


Paper Plates are not just for holding your dinner.

Stack these paper wonders between other bowls, plates, and pans to prevent scratching while moving.


Shower Curtains don’t just protect your bathroom, they work as a great truck bed and trunk

liners too. Save those old shower curtains for when it really matters. Line your car’s trunk for

moving any messy plants, or things that may spill and leave a nice surprise upon arrival.


Soda Can Tabs are your new best friend, and they save space like no other.

Slip an old soda can tab over a hanger’s hook, and suspend a second hanger from the

tab’s other end. Pretty cool huh?


Baby Powder can go in more than just diapers.

Sprinkle a little baby powder in your jewelry box. This will help to prevent any knots from

occurring. However, if you do find any, they will be easy to get out with a simple pin.


Rubber Bands are the ultimate painter’s buddy.

When painting your new place, stretch a rubber band over the top of a paint can

and use it to wipe excess paint from the brush. Prevent those drips from occurring.


All My Sons Moving & Storage’s Tulsa movers want you to make the most out of moving, and it does not have to be stressful or costly. Just use our helpful packing and moving life hacks, and let your local movers handle the rest!