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15 Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade Your Tulsa Home

If you are moving to Tulsa on a budget, Tulsa movers has some tips and tricks for decorating at a reasonable price. You won’t only be saving money, but also adding your personal touch to your new home.

  1. Spruce up your laundry room – Add a pop of color to the walls or cabinets and suspend an inexpensive chandelier from the ceiling, to instantly upgrade the look of your laundry room. Especially if you have a family, you spend a lot of time in this room, so make it enjoyable.
  2. Wallpaper parts of a door – Use the leftover wallpaper you have lying around on a door in your Tulsa home. If you have a paneled door, try wallpapering the panels themselves and leaving the framework alone.
  3. Get a new doorbell – If you are going to be expecting visitors once you move to Tulsa, invest in a new doorbell. It is something that your mover and all guests see, and it is easy to change out.
  4. Create a doorway display – Buy a shelf and paint it to match the trim of a doorway. Hang the shelf right above the doorway so it’s resting directly on the trim of the doorway. Place anything from pottery to pictures on the shelf.
  5. Clear the kitchen counter clutter – Install a built-in soap dispenser next to the sink to get rid of soap bottles that can be an eyesore. A tip from local Tulsa movers – the idea once you move into a new home is to eliminate the clutter you may have had in your previous home. Use your new home as a fresh start with clean and simple living.
  6. Paint your front door a vibrant color – Colors like red are warm and welcoming, and immediately upgrade your Tulsa home’s entryway and curb-appeal.
  7. Exchange boring doorknobs with more original pieces – Instead of plain brass doorknobs, try using ones that are made of different colored glass or porcelain.  Sometimes, it is the small details that make a house a home.
  8. Dress up a pedestal sink – Add a patterned or solid-colored fabric skirt to the basin of a pedestal sink. This will allow you to hide things like toiletries underneath.
  9. Use window boxes – Let new neighbors know that you have moved into your Tulsa neighborhood, by displaying window boxes filled with bright colored flowers.
  10. Swap out switch plates – change out plastic switch plates in the dining room and living room with designed metal ones; it will give both rooms a more sophisticated look.
  11. Mount a ceiling medallion – accent your beautiful dining room chandelier with a paintable medallion. It will add a stylish level of decoration to your ceiling.
  12. Hang a new mirror – Whether in the hallway, bathroom or bedroom, mirrors make spaces appear brighter and bigger than they actually are.
  13. Get creative in your kids’ rooms – Tulsa movers suggest utilizing wall decals to make kids’ bedrooms more directed towards their individual tastes. This will help them feel more at ease about moving to Tulsa.
  14. Replace bedside table with a make-shift shelf – Use vintage-looking corbels and a piece of shingle or wood to place across the corbels, to create a beautifully distressed piece of furniture that doubles as a bedside table.
  15. Paint your porch – painting the ceiling of your porch with a light blue hue, gives you and your guests a more spacious vibe.