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What to Inspect in An Apartment Walkthrough

After weeks of trying to find the perfect apartment in Tucson, you’ve finally landed the right unit. It may have great amenities or it’s close to your job. Either way, you have a pen in hand and you’re ready to sign the lease. However, before you do, you must thoroughly inspect the apartment for pre-existing damages or necessary repairs. Not doing so can result in battles between you and the landlord or property management. The Tucson movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage discuss what to expect during a move-in inspection.

Safety Inspection

First, you generally start with a safety check. Test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and ensure all detectors are placed in the bedrooms, kitchen, and the front door. If batteries need to be replaced, make a note of that on your apartment inspection checklist and let the landlord or property management know new batteries are needed. Note where the fire extinguisher is placed and if the unit is in an apartment complex, see if there is a fire safety escape plan posted.



In the kitchen, check to make sure all the appliances are functioning properly. Turn on the dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave, oven, burners n the stove, and the refrigerator. Check the temperatures in the fridge and freezer to make sure they cool and freeze properly. Inspect the drawers for musty smells and mold. When turning on the oven, see if it emits a gas smell and notify the landlord or property management if there’s a gas leak.

Open the cabinets and pantries to test the hinges and look over the floor to see if there are any cracks, scrapes, or scuffs.


Bathroom and Plumbing

Our Tucson residential movers advise looking over the bathroom and the plumbing next because you never know what to expect during a move-in inspection. Check to see if there are wet surfaces or dripping water under the sink and toilet and make a note of the plumbing issue on your apartment inspection checklist. Turn on the shower to test the pressure and hot water. Remember to ask the landlord or property management if the unit has its own hot water heater or if it’s shared since this can influence the water temperature when you take a shower at different times of the day.


Doors and Windows

Inspect the doors and windows of the unit by running your hands over them to check for drafts. If they give off a draft, that means they have cracks and should be repaired before you move in. If the doorknobs of the bedrooms have locks, make sure to ask for the keys to each door before moving in.


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