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Tucson At A Glance

Come Enjoy Life in Tucson!

Tucson, Arizona has basked for decades in a global reputation as a premier escape and vacation destination for those seeking world class spas, resorts, and golf. But there's so much more to Tucson. And every year, as more and more people discover this southwestern Sonora Desert oasis and what it has to offer, they come not just to visit the Old Pueblo, but to live here. 

The absolute measure of this Pima County town's growth is the thriving Tucson real estate market. Tucson's growth, particularly in the northwest areas of Marana and Oro Valley, Arizona is nothing short of phenomenal. Vast housing developments and new shopping and recreation facilities pop up quickly. Tucson is now one of the fastest growing areas in the United States. Houses listed on the Tucson real estate Multi Listing Service (MLS) sell in an average of less than two weeks! 

Today people are flocking to Tucson, Arizona for many reasons. Tucson lures top geologists from around the world, who come here every year to study the fascinating and unusual rock records around Tucson. The University of Arizona is located here. The U of A has some of the best athletic teams in the college divisions. 

Professional and amateur astronomers flock to Tucson for its clear views of many astronomical sites. The extensive facilities include Kitt Peak Observatory, The Flandrau Planetarium, and the U of A's related departments. 

It's easy to see why more and more people are coming to Tucson, Arizona to live, and not just vacation for the world class spas, resorts, and golf. And Tucson is still developing to offer bigger and better things for the city’s residents.

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