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The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Any move will go far more smoothly if you plan ahead. Whether you’ve opted in for Tucson full-service movers or if you’re about to tackle your move to Tucson on your own, you should keep a checklist on hand to stay on track. With the help of All My Sons Moving & Storage movers in Tucson, this 8-week moving checklist should provide you with the proper guidance to get form point A to point B in a smooth manner.

8 Weeks Before Your Move

Start Decluttering and Purging.

Room by room start deciding what to get rid of, what you want to keep, what you want to donate, and so on.

Start Researching for Movers in Tucson

Ask your family and friends for reputable movers. Ask them if they’ll do an estimate and what kind of insurance is included with their services. You should also get these estimates in writing.

Create Your Budget for Moving Expenses

It’s important to create a budget, whether you’re going to be using Tucson full-service movers or moving on your own.


6 Weeks Before Your Move

Hire a Moving Company

You want to have done your research and found movers in Tucson that you feel comfortable enough to hire for their services.

Purchase Boxes and Other Packing Supplies

Start gathering all the necessary supplies you’ll need to move to Tucson so you can attempt to pack up a few boxes over the following five weeks.

Start Researching Different Packing Hacks

Keep these in mind throughout the next five weeks, as well.

Service Your Vehicle

If you’re moving long distance, make sure you get your car serviced before you go. You don’t want any accidents happening during the long haul.

Begin Researching Your New Location

Take the time to research and find cool places in your new area.

Pack a Little Bit Every Day

You don’t want to find yourself stressed out on moving day because you failed to begin packing until the night before you have to be out of your old house.


4 Weeks Before Your Move

Get Situated with Moving Insurance

Make sure all your belongings are covered.

Pack Up and Box the Items You Don’t Use Much

Start packing seasonal items. If you’re moving in the summer, pack up all winter items, or vice versa.

File for a Change of Address

Go to USPS online or in person to let them know you’re moving and need to change your mailing address, and request mail forwarding with the starting date of moving day.

Notify Those Who Need to Know You’re Moving

Contact your bank, employer, credit card companies, insurance agents, telephone provider, utility companies, doctors, etc.
Upon contacting your utility company, request a shut-off date.


2 Weeks Before Your Move

Pet and Baby Sitters

Line up animal sitters and baby sitters to keep the furry friends and the ones safe and out of the way during your move to Tucson.

Create a Folder for the New Homeowners

Upon selling your house, a courteous thing to do around this time is to create a folder with critical information about the house and area for the new owners.

Continue Packing

This one is self-explanatory.

Get Your Utilities Turned On

Contact the right people to have your electric, cable, internet, and water connected at your new home for when you arrive.


Two Days Before Your Move

Completely Empty the Kitchen

Make sure you’ve thrown out all old food from the refrigerator and freezer, and have packed up the non-perishables you’re bringing to your new home. You can also ask your moving company if they work with Move For Hunger so you can donate all food you aren’t bringing with you.

Confirm the Details with Your Moving Company

Get all the details for your moving day set straight with your Tucson full-service movers and double check the arrival time.

Clean the Old House

Don’t make the new homeowners clean up after your mess.

Clean the New House

Just in case the old homeowners at your new house weren’t as courteous as you are, make sure to do a nice onceover at your new house before moving in.


Moving Day

Set Your Alarm

Get up early and get going! It’s moving day!

Do a Final Walk Through

Make sure you’ve collected, packed, and cleaned everything before leaving for good.

Leave a Note of Your New Address

Just in case, let the new homeowners know of your new address.

Test All Appliances in Your New House

Make sure to check the faucets, toilets, smoke detectors, security system, and everything else in your new house.

Set Up Your Bed

Moving is a long process, you want your bed to be set up just in case you want to take a cat nap before you finish up your move to Tucson.


Your full-service movers in Tucson congratulate you on your new Tucson home!