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The Proper Way to Label Moving Boxes

When you are getting ready for a move, the best thing that you can do is stay organized. Labeling moving boxes is a great way to make sure that all your belongings are accounted for and to remember what is packed where. Our Tucson movers strongly recommend labeling moving boxes because it also helps us when packing your items in the moving truck.

Advice for Labeling Moving Boxes

Our Tucson local movers  know that here are a few different approaches you can take to labeling your moving boxes. The idea behind labeling your moving boxes is to make sure that both you and your movers know what is inside each box. When moving, some items that you pack will be fragile, like dishes and glassware, and some items may be heavy, like shoes or winter clothing. Labeling your moving boxes will let the movers know either to be careful moving the boxes because the contents could break or because they could really injure themselves lifting it.

When labeling moving boxes, you can choose to do so in any of these ways to help your movers:

Write the Name of the Destination
You can label moving boxes with where in your new home you would like the moves to place these boxes. For example, your boxes that are filled with linens for your bed and clothing can be labeled “master bedroom” this way the movers know to take those boxes directly to that room and you do not need to try to move them yourself. Labeling the boxes by the destination is also a good way to not show what is inside each box if you are worried about things being stolen.

Color-Coding Stickers
You can also choose to color-code your boxes as a way of labeling. Choose a color for each area in your home or each person moving with you and make a legend for yourself to remember what color belongs to which room or person. You can also share this legend with your Tucson residential movers, so they know where the boxes belong, if you are planning to have them place the boxes in their intended spaces.

Numbering Your Boxes
Similar to color-coding, numbering your boxes as a way of labeling moving boxes will work too. Once you have assigned a number for each room, you can number each box. We recommend that for each number, you also write how many pieces are included. For example, if your master bedroom is 1, label the box area 1, box 1 of 7 and so on. This way you can make sure that all your boxes are accounted for after your move.

Label Your Boxes by Name
You can also take the traditional approach when labeling moving boxes and just write what is inside each box. This is a very clear and direct approach to labeling and will still help your movers to differentiate whether the items are fragile or heavy.

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