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Packing Supplies You Need for Your Move

Time to move and looking for the packing supplies to make your move a lot easier? All My Sons Moving & Storage Tucson has all the packing supplies you need to ensure your move goes off without a hitch. In fact, the only hitch should be the one you close securely on the moving truck!

Here is a list of packing supplies that our Tucson movers recommend for you next move:

Moving Boxes
Bubble Wrap
Furniture Pads
Packing Paper
Cushion Foam
Anti-Static TV Cover
Couch Covers

Why You Should Always Buy NEW Packing Products

We always recommend buying NEW packing supplies and avoiding the used packing supplies or boxes that were not meant for moving. Why? Simple, because buying new moving boxes is cheaper than replacing damaged belongings. There are other advantages to buying NEW packing supplies such as:

- New moving boxes are easy to seal and to label, making your entire moving process a little easier and your unpacking process to be even easier.
- New moving boxes are sturdier, keeping the contents safe during your move.
- New moving boxes are easy to stack, and will not buckle easily in the moving truck. They will need to be as sturdy as possible during the move.
- You can buy moving boxes for specific tasks, like closet moving boxes made to transport all your clothes still on the hangar and ready to be placed in your new home.

You can find affordable moving supplies and you can use certain items you already own to ensure that you save on your moving budget, but we highly recommend buying NEW moving boxes!

Where You Can Find Affordable Moving Supplies

- You can rent moving supplies from many different places around your own neighborhood. A simple search online will show you a number of great places around you right now.
- Speak to a local Tucson moving company! Moving companies sell packing supplies but most people just don’t know that. That makes moving companies one of the best, untapped resources to get moving supplies.

A word of warning! Don’t sacrifice quality for savings. Always choose quality!

Use What You Have

If you are really looking for ways to save money on packing supplies, remember that you own a lot of things that can be used moving supplies.

- Use clothes, towels, and linens to line boxes filled with valuables. There is one downside though, and that is that you might damage your clothes in transition. We recommend NOT using newspaper as packing paper or box liner. This actually stains your belongings! Most of us learn this the hard way, so please avoid it!
- Blankets and duvets work as quilts for furniture. However, as before, you run the risk of damaging your blankets. Blankets are also great ways to wrap your furniture to prevent those large items from shifting around in the moving truck.