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Packing Services versus DIY Moving – Tucson Moving Tips

This is an age-old question, a question that has been around since packing services were first offered by moving companies! Of course, we are a little bias. We want everyone to use our Tucson moving company for all your packing needs, but instead, we will keep this as unbiased as possible. You can decide if you should hire a local Tucson packing company or do it yourself.

DIY Packing – Pros & Cons

Let’s start with the do it yourself method. Most of us think about doing it ourselves right off the bat. It’s usually our default setting. So, let’s talk about the pros and cons of that moving method.


You would probably get help from friends, family, or maybe even neighbors to save money. Even if it just means buying lunch or taking everyone out to dinner afterwards, most of the time, getting help from friends and family is cheaper than hiring full service movers.

You won’t have to work on a packing service’s schedule, you get to decide when you want to move. This is a bonus, especially if you plan on moving in a hurry, and you plan on moving during the hot Tucson summer months. This is when moving companies are the most booked up, and it can be difficult to book a moving time.


If anything is damaged, there is not much you can do about it. Unless you ask your friends to pay for the damages, but that’s not really a great option. The trouble is that any damages you incur are going just have to be paid by you directly.

You have to spend your time doing all the work yourself. If you decide to go DIY, then you have to remember that your time will be spent packing, so any miscellaneous moving projects will be difficult to complete. For example: cleaning, walk through, address changes, and more are all going to be difficult to juggle while you’re packing.

Packing Services – Pros & Cons

So, what do full-service movers do? Well for the most part, full-service movers do everything for you, all aspects of the move are taken care of by the professional movers. They handle the packing, the loading and the transport.


You can focus on everything else because you get your time back! How much your time is worth to you? If you think it might be better spent at work or handling all the miscellaneous moving tasks, like changing your address and updating your credit card information, then go for a packing and moving company in Tucson. They take care of all the extra stuff for you.


It will be more expensive than a DIY move, but only in the short term. You have to pay movers, and a lot of people tip as well. You can think of this expense as a savings in the long run, because in the unlikely event of any damages, you will also receive liability.