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How To Pack Christmas Decorations

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 When it comes to packing decorations you want to make sure that anything fragile will be safe in storage, anything with a certain shape like a wreath is packed to hold its shape until next year. All My Sons Moving & Storage in Tucson knows a thing or two about properly storing important items. 

When learning how to pack Christmas decorations it is important to understand that Improperly storing your decorations could lead to damage, knots, warped wiring, and disorganization. We don’t want any chipped ceramic or glass right? Don’t worry, we are here to help show you a few storing tips. 

Tips for Storing Christmas Decorations

Artificial Christmas Trees 

If you purchased an artificial tree, there’s a pretty high chance it came in a box. Keep that box! What better way to store it than in the box that was made for it? If you don’t have that box then we have plenty of packing supplies for you to choose from. 


Wreaths are known for being difficult to pack because of their shape and size. Thankfully there are boxes and storage for decorations that are designed for any size wreath. The trick is finding the right one. 


The best way to store Christmas ornaments is to wrap each one individually and carefully. You will also want to be organized with how you are going to store them after they are wrapped so it’s easier to maneuver next year. 

String Lights (Indoor and Outdoor)

The main thing when putting away Christmas decorations, like string lights, is to be organized. If you just throw the lights in, especially multiple strands, then there is a high risk of them turning into one big tangled mess. Some lights come on wheels, try your best to get them back on there this way they stay separated. 

Artificial Garland and Tinsel 

Like artificial trees, artificial garland needs to be stored properly to avoid wire warping and tangling. The same thing for tinsel, you’ll need the proper packaging to keep it as shiny and straight as it was when you bought it! 

Ceramic Decorations 

Ceramic, while beautiful, can be very fragile. Attention to detail is important here, packing them in the packaging they were bought in if possible. If not, find a box that will fit them properly and wrap them individually in bubble wrap or newspaper will help prevent them from moving and breaking on the way to storage. 

Wrapping Supplies

Since you won’t need your holiday-themed wrapping paper all year long, you’ll want to store this so that it stays in good condition for next year. Pack all the ribbons and bows carefully so that they also maintain their shape. 

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When it comes to organizing holiday decorations our professional packers know what they are doing. Whether it is a useful guide that details how to pack Christmas decorations or our full suite of moving services, All My Sons Moving & Storage has you covered. If you are moving during this holiday season give us a call today to get your free quote! 

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