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Moving with Pets

Pets are part of the family and require special considerations during the moving process. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Tucson, we love pets, so we have some tips on moving with pets to keep them happy and safe.  

Packing with Pets

During the packing process, it is important to be mindful of your pets and their safety.

One major problem during a move with pets is the mess of belongings strewn about as you wrap and pack them all up. Parts for disassembled furniture can be especially problematic. A hungry pet could mistake one of these items for food or a toy and could hurt themselves. Designate a room or an area for your pet while you pack up the rest of the house and make sure you put everything you couldn’t pack somewhere out of the way. You do not want a last-minute visit to the vet because your dog ate something someone accidentally left out. 

Whether you are moving with cats, dogs, or even a snake, your pet has needs. Our Tucson movers recommend you assemble a little bag with your pet’s essentials for the first night, similar to an overnight bag you’d arrange for your family with essentials like toothbrushes. Include your pet’s favorite toy to bring them a little comfort during this confusing time. If you will need a new vet, make sure you have your pet’s medical records and a supply of any medicine they may need before you leave. This may require a visit to the old vet before your move.   

Moving Day with Pets

Moving day, especially when you move pets, can be chaotic. Chances are you have boxes stacked all over your home and your Tucson movers will be constantly walking in and out of the house.

Keep your pets contained. Do not let caged animals, such as ferrets or birds, out on moving day. They may slip outside unnoticed and get lost. Set up a gate or keep your free-roaming pets, like cats and dogs, in a separate room. If you have movers in Tucson helping you, communicate with them about your pet and put a note on the door so no one opens it.

If you have outdoor cats, we don’t suggest waiting until moving day to collect them. They might be scared of all of the activity and neglect to show up in time, so it’s a good idea to gather them before your move.

If possible, our Tucson moving company recommends asking a trusted friend to watch your pets on moving day. Moving with cats and dogs in your home makes moving day that much more difficult.

Transporting Pets

Our Tucson relocation services also want to provide you with some tips on how to move pets safely, especially if you are planning a long-distance move.

Keep your pets contained in the car. It will help to ensure their safety in case of an accident or sudden stop. Don’t forget, though, that dogs and cats need access to water and potty breaks too. Always use a leash during pit stops when moving with cats and dogs. Yes, we said cats. Your pets could easily wander or run when they are in an unfamiliar area at a pit stop. Walk your cat on a leash a few times beforehand, so they can get used to it.

At All My Sons Moving & Storage Tucson we care about your pets. Follow these tips from our Oklahoma movers to move pets successfully.


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