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Moving to Tucson with Children

Relocating into a new home can be difficult, in fact moving is the third most stressful life event after divorce and the death of a loved one. [1] You might feel your stress levels spike as you’re preparing for your move. While stressing yourself out trying to get everything in order, you might not notice your kids are stressed out as well. Children tend to become stressed when moving because of the sudden change to their surroundings. Not to worry, our Tucson movers have you covered with tips for moving with kids.

Get the Little Ones Ready

Make moving to Tucson with children less stressful for everyone by hosting a family meeting a few weeks before moving day. During the meeting, discuss what the little ones should expect on the big day and show pictures of the new home to become more familiar with their new surroundings. This will help them feel less caught off-guard when it’s time to move. Lift their spirits by planning a day of fun activities after moving in as a reward for good behavior.

Once the family meeting’s over, go online with the kids to do some décor shopping for their new room. Have them pick out décor like posters, rugs, curtains, lava lamps, string lights, etc. This will further help them remain optimistic about the move to Tucson.

Time to Move

Now that the big day has finally arrived, keep an eye out for any triggers for the kids’ stress levels. Once our Tucson residential movers show up to help you move out, introduce the children to them so they look more like friends and less like strangers. Our movers know how moving to Tucson with children can be stressful on everyone, so a simple conversation with the kids can but them at ease. 

While our experienced movers use our Tucson packing services to securely pack your boxes and furniture, assign a safe area for the little ones to stay. Letting the kids indulge in their favorite activities like coloring books, tablets, or TV shows can keep them busy and stress-free while you focus on moving.

A Place to Call Home

Now that you’re living in Southern Arizona, have the kids familiarize themselves with their new surroundings. Once our Tucson auto movers safely deliver your car, take a drive around town to enjoy some family fun. Places like a family entertainment center, arcades, bowling alleys, playgrounds, ice cream parlors, etc. will be sure to put a smile on the children’s faces after a big move.

Along with enjoying family fun, introduce the little ones to neighbors to become acquainted with those who live in the area. In some cases, these very same neighbors may have children of their own with whom your kids can make friends.

Easy Moving with The Pros in Relocation

When shopping around for movers to help you in relocating to Tucson AZ neighborhoods, make our movers your first-choice. Our moving company offers a selection of quality relocation services to meet all your moving needs. Call 520-394-6437 today for your complimentary, quote.




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