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Moving to Tucson

Packing up for a move to Tuscon, AZ? Don’t do it alone, our trusted and licensed Tucson movers are here to help you get settled into the sunny town so that you can explore your new home. Take some time to venture out into the sunny city stress-free after you relocate.

Things to Do in Tucson

Start exploring Tucson by going on day trips or tours. See Tucson from above with aerial tours at Balloon America with a hot air balloon ride. Go bird watching to see the various and gorgeous birds the southwest has to offer. Check out places like Sabino Canyon, Mt. Lemmon, and Madera Canyon to feast your eyes on these beautiful creatures. Visit the Tucson Museum of Art and Historic Block to take a walking tour of the architectural styles of the area. You’ll get to see the Sonoran row houses, bungalows, and so much more.

After you move to Tucson, try spending your time in the great outdoors for some fresh air and beautiful landscapes. Take a relaxing stroll along the Rillito riverbed to take in the beautiful sights of Tucson. If you’re looking something more challenging, climb up to Finger Rock to get your heart pumping. Plan to bike around Tucson? Take a ride through Tucson on their Urban Loop, bike-friendly streets throughout the city.

Nightlife in Tucson

Enjoy yourself after dusk at Tucson’s various nightlife venues. Visit the Desert Diamond Casino for a night of gambling! Have a go at slots, blackjack, poker, bingo, and so much more. If you’re feeling famished there, you can also try out their in-house buffet, Agave Restaurant, and steakhouse to satisfy your taste buds. Stop by Tucson’s Monterey Court - a historic Tucson motor court dating back to the 1930s - to shop in artisan galleries and specialty shops. They also offer salon or spa services to help you pamper yourself after your move to Tucson.

Family Fun in Tucson

Keep the little ones busy by taking them out to some family friendly attractions like Old Tucson. There, you can go back in time with the kids to see Wild West attractions like live action shows, musicals, and other live entertainment. Enjoy vintage train rides with the family and, afterwards, chow down on yummy southwest BBQ. If you want the kids to have more of an adventure, take them to Colossal Cave Mountain Park to have endless fun! The park features guided cave tours, a petting zoo, horseback riding and more.

Trust Our Tucson Movers to Help you Move

As you’re settling in from your move to Tucson, our trusted and licensed Tucson movers will be there to take the stress off your shoulders from relocating so that you can explore your new home. Make All My Sons Moving & Storage Tucson your number one choice in relocating services. Call us for a free, no obligation quote today!