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How to Pack Like Your Tucson Moving Company

Packing made easy.

Whether you choose to pack your things before your residential movers arrive or you are going through the entire moving process yourself, you’ll want to pack your belongings securely so that they arrive at your new home safe and sound. All My Sons Moving & Storage, our full-service Tucson moving company, is experienced in providing both moving and packing services to our customers. We explain how you can pack like your local Tucson moving company.


1. Go Through Each Room & Plan What You Need

What separates professional residential movers from most DIY movers is their meticulous planning. You should start planning you move and its accompanying budget well in advance of your moving date. Look through your belongings in each of your rooms to better understand what packing materials you need. Basics include:

- Boxes 

Packing Paper or Recycled Newspaper 

Bubble Wrap, Foam Sheets, or Quilt Pad Wraps 

Strong Packing Tape 


Permanent Black Markers

You may need more specialized packing materials. If you have a large closet full of clothes, consider investing in convenient wardrobe cartons. If you have an extensive wine or glassware collection, it may be best to purchase cell boxes. If you own valuable artwork or a piano, it’s recommended to take advantage of the packing services of professional residential movers from a local Tucson moving company.


2. Use Extra Protections for Delicate Items

A Tucson moving company knows how valuable belongings are to individuals and families, so they offer top-quality packing services to ensure that items arrive free of damage. If you are packing yourself, do not be stingy when it comes to using up your packing materials, especially for delicate items. For glassware and dishware, wrap each piece individually in packing paper and bubble wrap.

Furniture, especially wood furniture, should be wrapped with quilt padding and bubble wrap. Professional residential movers often use stretch wrap to further protect furniture, consider getting your hands on some if you can.


3. Adhere to a Weight Limit

To avoid damage to your items, boxes and body, all your boxes should be no more than 50 pounds. Use smaller boxes for heavier items and bigger boxes for lighter ones.


4. Know What Not to Pack

Don’t waste time packing fresh food items, opened cleaning products, flammable liquids and other hazardous materials. House plants, jewelry, small electronics, and pets should be transported in your personal vehicle. Professional residential movers know what things should and should not be transported inside moving trucks. If you enlist the help of a Tucson moving company, be aware of their restrictions.