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Five Ways to Use Moving Blankets After Moving

It’s after the big move. It’s after you have completed all your unpacking, and everything is in place in your new home. What are you left with?  Chances are your new home will have moving boxes and other packing supplies scattered everywhere. Instead of just putting everything in the trash, go with the more sustainable option – recycle, reuse, and repurpose. Moving blankets in particular can be reused in multiple ways – our Tucson movers list some of them below.

Five Ways to Use Moving Blankets After Moving infographic

1. Wash Them & Use Again

Sturdy moving blankets, particularly quilt-padded blankets, are meant to be used multiple times. Made up of long-lasting polyester fibers, many are machine washable. If you have the storage, wash your moving blankets in a regular washing machine and store them away until your next move.

2. Floor Protection

If your moving blankets and furniture pads are more worn out, you can use them to cover your floors when moving or during other projects. Laying blankets over stairs can help protect the furniture your Tucson residential movers will be carrying down. Making a path covered with blankets can help protect your carpets from foot traffic during a relocation. After a move you can use moving blankets as floor protection when you are painting or doing other renovation projects.

3. Car Seat Cover

Moving blankets are typically used to protect furniture, so it isn’t to much of a stretch to use them to protect your car seats. While you can usually flip your seats flat when transporting luggage and other large items, you want to keep your seats up when its your dog in the backseat. Protect your seats from shedding fur, sharp nails, and other causes of damage by having your dogs sit on moving blankets.

4. Sleeping Bag Padding

If you repurpose moving blankets into any type of bedding, you’ll need to wash them in a commercial washing machine on a permanent-press cycle and dry completely. This ensures all the chemical sizing and waterproofing is removed from the fabric. After thoroughly cleaned, you can repurpose moving blankets into padding to make sleeping bags more comfortable. Felt textile blankets can be reused as dense army blankets for those cold winter nights.

5. Gym Bag

Got some sewing skills under you belt? Moving blanket material is soft yet sturdy enough to build bags out of. The padded protection plus the waterproofing means moving blankets work great as gym bags and weekender bags. With quilt-padded blankets, you can also go smaller and repurpose moving blankets into laptop bags.


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