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Best Bars in Tucson

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When you’re in Tucson, you’re in for a good time. Our city is a hub for great drinks, people, and experiences. If you’re finding yourself in our city for the first time, it is important to know exactly where the best bars in Tucson are. With so many options, however, it can seem like a daunting task trying to find pubs in Tucson that are perfect for you.

To make the process easier, our Tucson movers have come together and created a guide to the top bars in Tucson! With our expert help, you’re sure to find the right watering hole. 

Tap & Bottle 

While looking for bars in downtown Tucson, you’re bound to come across this local favorite. With a wonderful atmosphere and friendly people, it is hard to find a homier bar in all of our city. Great drinks with such a wonderful atmosphere have never been more available. Bars in Tucson come in forms and if you’re the type that loves to feel right at home while you’re grabbing a drink or a bite, look no further than the Tap & Bottle.

Scott & Co

With an ambiance and scene that plucks wonderful things from history, the Scott & Co bar is somewhere to check out for all those thirsty history buffs among us. This Prohibition Era-inspired bar comes with all that you would expect from an establishment with a setting such as this. The wonderful furnishings and friendly staff will transport you back in time and show you a great time with friends and family. 

The Buffet

While investigating where to find the best cocktails Tucson has to offer, you’re bound to come across The Buffet, and our team of movers can attest to the quality of this establishment. There are many phenomenal cocktail bars in Tucson, and every one is worth your time; this is just the one that our movers love to head over to after a long day’s work. 

The Movers Tucson AZ Trusts

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