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5 Summer Moving Tips

Moving in Tucson, Arizona? Well, be prepared for the heat! Tucson has an average summer high of 96 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s the kind of temperature that can really leave you thirsty. That’s where we come in! Our Tucson movers are here to offer you the best summer moving tips, these are the same tips we follow ourselves, so we know they will help!

Tip 1 – Stay Hydrated

One of the most important summer moving tips we can offer is to stay well hydrated. And we mean with WATER! Yes, you can drink sports drinks, but nothing beats good ole fashioned water. Our local Tucson movers will politely decline offers of alcohol and usually just ask for a nice ice-cold water if we are offered.

The trick is to drink more than you think you need. Have a sports bottle and plenty of ice handy to make sure you stay hydrated during a move!

Tip 2 – Start Early, End Late

One of the great things about the Tucson summer is how much sunlight we get! You can start your move earlier in the morning to avoid the mid-day heat and you can continue you on later into the night as well!

If you do all your moving earlier and later, you’ll miss the harsh Tucson summer son and you won’t get burnt either!

Tip 3 – Take Breaks (Especially Around Noon)

The Arizona mid-day sun is harsh and boy, it does not take long to figure that out. Our Tucson movers come prepared for the summer sun and the heat. We wear sun screen and we stay well hydrated! If you are moving yourself, take a break around noon. It’s the best time to get some rest, to rehydrate and get something to eat and you’ll avoid the blazing high son!

Tip 4 – Try Moving During the Week

Of all the summer moving tips, this one as nothing to do with the heat! Here’s a secret from our movers to you: try moving during the week and avoid the weekend. The reason is simple: you’ll save more money and you won’t be surrounded by crazy weekend traffic. Plus, if you need to get utility people out to your new home, you will have more luck scheduling them for a weekday visit.

Summer time is peak moving season because, put simply, everyone wants to move in the summer. Prices rise, and availability disappears. But, if you book your move for a weekday and take some time off of work, it will likely be more beneficial for you! Consider a week day move.

Tip 5 – Always Ask for a Free Moving Quote

It never hurts to ask! When you are shopping around, looking for a moving company to work with, always ask for a free moving quote. Most companies will give you an estimate that will give you an idea of how much the overall price might be. Always ask for a moving quote!