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5 Moving Mistakes to Avoid

5 Common Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Relocating to from one home to another can take a lot time and effort. Uprooting your life and moving into a new home can be a stressful experience. Having the assistance of our Tucson full-service movers can take a substantial amount of weight off your shoulders. We can handle all your packing and moving needs. To make your next move even easier and less emotional fraught, check out these five common moving mistakes and learn how to avoid them.


1. Forgetting to Take Measurements

Before you start packing up your items, particularly your furniture, it is important for you to take all the necessary measurements. Measure your furniture pieces and the doorways of your new place. Compare the measurements to determine which items will fit into your new home. Get rid of any pieces that are too big.

If you forget to take measurements, you run the risk of paying transportation costs for furniture that will end up at the curb of your new home. You can also measure the floor space of each room to determine which furniture pieces will be too big or too small for those rooms. Oversized furniture will make a smaller living room look cramped.


2. Neglecting to Declutter

A very common moving mistake is to not take advantage of the opportunity to declutter your home that comes with an upcoming move. Take the time before your moving date to get rid of any items you no longer want or need. Decide whether to keep items you haven’t used in a few months or more.

Clutter in your home is a major stressor for many people, avoid transferring that clutter and stress to your new home by donating and discarding, liberally is needed. Avoiding this moving mistake will save you money on moving costs because the less you move, the less you pay.


3. Using Only Large Boxes

Larger boxes are perfect for larger items that can’t fit into smaller ones. However, you want to avoid using big boxes for everything and instead, pack your belongings into smaller boxes. Heavy items should go into smaller boxes to prevent you or your Tucson full-service movers from getting injured during the loading process. Smaller boxes are easier to pack, carry, stack up, and unpack.


4. Leaving Boxes Blank

Another moving mistake too many people make is to not label their packing boxes. It may seem like an unnecessary step, but it pays dividends once you arrive at your home and start unpacking. By labeling your boxes with the items that are packed inside them and the room they are destined for, you or your Tucson full-service movers will know where each box belongs once its unloaded off the truck. Blank boxes will result in you wasting time opening them first to know what’s inside and where they belong.


5. Thinking a DIY Move is Cheaper

The common belief that hiring professional Tucson full-service movers is always more expensive than moving by yourself isn’t correct. A DIY move involves buying your own packing supplies, renting a truck, and convincing your friends and family to help you on moving day.

Not only does it take more time and effort, the expenses could add up to a heftier bill than on you’d get from our professional moving company in Tucson. Another perk of hiring our Tucson full-service movers? You’ll get moving insurance or some other form of liability coverage that you wouldn’t get with a DIY move.


Trust our Tucson full-service movers to relocate your family to your new home. We offer a wide range of superior packing and moving services at affordable rates to make you moving experience stress-free!