Your Guide to Moving with Pets: Before & During Moving Day

Our movers in The Woodlands know that many families need help when it comes to moving with pets. We share tips for moving your entire family, including those furry, scaled, or feathered family members. Here is our guide to moving with pets.

Preparing for Your Move with Pets

Visit the vet. Before moving day, you should get a hard copy of your pet’s medical records and vaccination history. Pets should be given the okay to travel. You should also ensure that they are caught up on their vaccinations and have plenty of their necessary medications for the next few months until you are able to find a new vet.

If you are flying your pet, you will have to check with your airline regarding pet travel requirements. Give yourself plenty of time, as pets may need special paperwork or requirements.

Just like every member of your family needs a bag of supplies for at least their first night in the new home, your pets do too. Our residential movers for The Woodlands recommended keeping everything your pet needs together in an organized to-go bag. This bag should include enough food for your pet for a few extra days. If your pet has special dietary restrictions, make sure they have plenty of food to last them until you will be able find them more.

While you are packing, it is common for items to get left out. If you are moving with multiple pets, every item left out is a safety hazard or could become damaged. Cats can be prone to knocking items over for fun and dogs are prone to eating items they shouldn’t. Even your rabbit or hamster could end up swallowing something. Our apartment movers in The Woodlands recommend keeping items away and out of reach of your pets.

Additionally, you should take care with how you stack items. Unsecure towers of boxes are bound to get knocked over by an excited dog or a mischievous cat.

Collect your outdoor cat a few days before moving day. Seeing a bunch of activity outside of your home on moving day could spook them and prevent you from finding them in time. If they are bad in the house, keep them in a secluded area like an empty room that has already been packed up.

Moving Day with Pets

During moving day, people will be wandering in and out of your house and the front door is bound to be left open. Keep your pets contained with access to food and water, especially if they are prone to run away.

Pet Relocation

If you are moving with pets across country, the Humane Society of The United States recommends traveling by car, as it tends to be safer for your pet. 1

Our The Woodlands long-distance movers suggest keeping pets contained in the car. Make sure all crates and cages are secure or else it could be a wild and dangerous roller coaster ride for your poor little hamster.

When moving with pets, remember they need breaks for the bathroom and to stretch to their legs. Pay attention to crying or anxious animals.

If you are moving with cats and dogs, keep them on a leash at rest stops. The unfamiliar surroundings could cause them to run away.

Don’t leave your pets alone in the car. Heat and cold could be detrimental to their health. Go to restaurants that are pet friendly or grab fast food and eat outside.

At All My Sons Moving & Storage The Woodlands, we understand that pets are family too! We hope these tips make moving with pets an easier process.



1: The Humane Society of The United States- Travel safety with your pet by car, airplane, ship, or train